Character Development: Ask your Characters some Questions

Quite an apt Post a Day when I think about the importance of back story to my current work in progress. I’ve mentioned before that I have developed some extensive back stories, particularly personal demons, which will become important as the story wears on. The driving force behind each of my gladiators is their past: a past that the alien creatures they will come up against will not allow to remain forgotten.

The Snippet Sunday I posted a couple of weeks ago hinted that each character is going to see something that they do not expect to see, something from their past that will haunt them, something that will become prominent in those dark and mysterious forests of Germania. I discuss various aspects of German folklore here that I will be playing around with to create my alien creatures.

I have still yet to thrash out all of their back stories, but most are now clear cut. In each case, I hope each to answer the following three questions:

  1. What single incident from your past most haunts you?
  2. How has it affected your life until now?
  3. Describe in one word, what you hope to personally get out of the mission (assuming you survive)?

Each of the gladiators will face their demons in Germany, literally and figuratively!


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