Set Your Calendars… This One’s Going to be a Whopper!

So we have an official Doctor Who date: 23rd August and the above is the first official teaser trailer. That’s some 8-9 weeks away and I’m sure as the date gets closer, we’ll be bombarded with all sorts of stuff including episode clips. I can’t wait!

The title of the first episode is called Deep Breath and is feature length! Now for the BBC this usually means anything between 60 and 90 minutes – if I remember rightly, Matt Smith’s first episode The Eleventh Hour was an hour long, Tennant’s first The Christmas Invasion was also about an hour.

Tantalising 16 second trailer… what sort of Doctor will he be? He has a new set of regenerations now so he is likely to be a little more reckless with his lives. We see the TARDIS on fire, he asks Clara “Am I a good man?” and she says to somebody else “I don’t think I know who The Doctor is any more.”

Great stuff but gives nothing away, just how we like it right?

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