“Who”se Voice Is That?

No Snippet Sunday today, I have just returned from a much-needed holiday to Devon with my lovely lady friend. The above trailer caught my eye though… and specifically, the voiceover.

No self-respecting Doctor Who fan could fail to recognise the voice of the Dalek creator Davros. Last seen in the Tennant two-parter The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End and seemingly lost as his ship exploded around him (yet once again, we never actually saw him die), having skipped Smith perhaps the powers that be now feel that it is time to bring him back again.

Woefully underused following Victory of the Daleks, it is likely that the pepperpot dictators may now feature heavily in Capaldi’s inaugural season. What relationship will the creator have with the iDaleks who perceive themselves to be a pure version of Davros’ creation? Will he see things the same way? All will be revealed in time I guess…

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