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Book Review: He Dug the Grave Himself By Erik Wecks

I wouldn’t normally read and write a review in isolation for such a short story, but at the beginning of the year the author Erik Wecks sent this to me as I had read and enjoyed his self-published novel Aetna Adrift. This short story (some 2,500 words) is set in that universe though there are no obvious clues to that.

This is an interesting self-reflective story about a man burying his wife. Through the course of the brief narrative, we are given a brief account of their life together – as with any relationship, it is not perfect and the narrator comes to realise her faults as he realises that he did not know her as well as he thought he did.

This is a story repeated so tragically in real life every time we bury someone and their dirty secrets come to the fore and give us a shock. It’s very character driven with only the merest hint of not being set in our world.

This is an interesting story though I am not sure it adds anything to the narrative of the universe that Wecks has created. It’s good but not great – perhaps a longer piece would have given a bit more space to develop the characters and make the reader care a lot more. As it is, the man who is burying his dearly departed is sympathetic, but could have been more so.


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