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Snippet Sunday 24/8/14

Writing more zombies the last few days and I’m pleased to say the story is now over 3000 words. I’m expecting it to be between 12,000-15,000 words, much like The Weight of Reason. A few months ago, I posted my first snippet from the story and left it hanging at a critical point. This is what happens next, and will probably be the final part for some time as I don’t want to post it all!

‘Was it really traffic mate?’ asked Jim.

‘Leave him alone,’ said Mike, knowing what was coming next.

‘Yes, there was an accident on the B road out of town. The police cordoned the area off. One of you, pass me your container.’

‘We never saw it,’ Jim smirked and handed his box up.

‘Leave it Jim!’ snapped Mike.

‘We think,’ Jim went on, ‘that you had an “old time’s sake” with “you know who”.’

‘That’s right, we went for a coffee this morning,’ he passed Jim’s container back down and took Mike’s from him.

‘Coffee? Is that all it was? Because we think-’

‘No we don’t Jim. Ignore him, Tony.’

‘No if he has something to say I want him to say it.’ He passed Mike’s container and climbed down off of the rock. A noise behind them broke the tension. It was the zombie from a few minutes before.

‘Let’s ask our actor friend,’ said Jim and turned to the zombie, ‘Hey, get this. This bloke meets up with an ex-girlfriend that he knows would jump into bed with him at the drop of a hat and he doesn’t sleep with her. I mean… if you saw her you too would probably go back for seconds. But then… as an actor you’re probably… well, you know not into… well, stereotypes and all that. Either way, I mean do you believe him?’ he turned to allow the zombie into the conversation.

The zombie growled and took a single tentative step towards Jim.

‘Can you just drop the act for a few seconds? What would you do?’ Jim took a step back, his nose crinkling at the smell.

‘Jim?’ said Mike.


‘Shut the fuck up.’

‘He’s not going to let us past is he?’ Tony huffed, ‘and I don’t want to lose a life. Don’t know about you but I’m climbing over the rock.’ Tony shoved past his friends, still annoyed at Jim’s implication about his meeting that morning. He climbed over the rock and shimmied to the edge. ‘There’s a bed of brambles and nettles on the other side but we should be able to cross it.’

Mike climbed up next; there was enough space on the top for two so that left Jim with the zombie. Jim watched as Tony stood, crouched and then leapt off, disappearing from view.

Mike turned to Jim, ‘do you need a hand getting up here?’

‘No, I’m alright.’ He got a hand grip, lifted his body up and prepared to propel himself forward and up the rock.

The zombie suddenly lunged forward, making a grab for Jim’s foot as he hauled himself onto the top of the rock. ‘Sod off!’ Jim exclaimed and kicked out, trying to shake the zombie off.


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