Open Thread: Into the Dalek

Or… Honey I shrunk the Doctor…

Thanks to everyone who offered episode feedback last week! I think we had a good discussion going and it was my busiest thread comments-wise for a long time. What were your talking points for this episode? What caught your eye? Here then are my questions to get the ball rolling but feel free to throw anything else into the pot.

Will our “good” Dalek start another civil war?

Has Moffat got it all wrong as far as Daleks are concerned?

Now that we know that dying will send a person to Missy’s lair, what ideas do we have about what the place is?

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7 thoughts on “Open Thread: Into the Dalek

  1. I liked that they maintained the ignorance of the Daleks as to who Dr. Who is. But, aren’t all Daleks supposed to be hive-mind linked (or am I confusing them with the Borg again?) Wasn’t that why The Impossible Girl was able to erase Dr. Who from the collective memory? What one Dalek knows all Daleks know? So, why when the ‘good dalek’ synched with Dr. Who’s mind, didn’t all the Daleks immediately know what was happening? Oh, and I loved the good dalek’s parting line to the doctor!

    • I liked that they maintained the ignorance of the Daleks as to who Dr. Who is.

      That bit confused me considering they remembered who he was in The Time of the Doctor. Am I missing something there?

      I don’t think they have a collective memory as such, but a database that they have access too (like a Dalek internet in their heads, lol). It was that database that was wiped I think.

  2. Finally caught up with it after a weekend away.
    I think there may be a confusion about when the database was deleted. Both the Daleks and the Doctor time-travel so there may be some Daleks who know and some who don’t.

    Have to say I enjoyed the episode, although there were a lot of weird plotholes that chafed a little.

    Why could they pass into the eyestalk so easily? Surely Davros didn’t design it as a vent?
    What happened to all that deadly radiation they absorbed? And in a side note, Trionic radiation was used to turn the Kaleds into the Daleks, I thought they were immune to it and hence why they used it… Skarro was drenched in the stuff .
    Why the repaired Dalek didn’t send in the anti-bodies straight away?

    And that Borg quote, why? It’s not like we wouldn’t spot it, and surely “Extermination is Futile” would have had more impact.
    But they were all minor niggles, Daleks that don’t know the Doctor seem weakened, powerless, I suppose, if knowledge is power. I thought they might take Clara mucking about in the Dalek’s databanks as an excuse to reboot that knowledge, but instead they created one renegade Dalek (which as we all know don’t tend to last long amongst the purity obsessed race) I wonder if we’ll have to wait until next season to find out what that was all about.

    More interesting, I thought anyway, is what is Missy doing? Is she collecting (or is it recruiting) people that the Doctor couldn’t save, or was responsible for the death of, and why did it look suspiciously like the way the Doctor saved Journey?

    • so there may be some Daleks who know and some who don’t.

      It jarred for me at Time of the Doctor that they knew who he was and it jarred for me again this episode when he asked why the Dalek recognised him. They need to make it clear which do and don’t remember him, and why.

      You’re right about those plotholes. I presumed the eye would be less like a vent and more like a mains cable, full of wires and technology. After all, the stalk is more than just a camera/eye. I think it was just a plot device, an interesting one even if it didn’t sit right with us.

      I wonder if we’ll have to wait until next season to find out what that was all about.

      I would imagine so and it’s given them some leeway on another mini reimagining.

      the way the Doctor saved Journey?

      Autocorrect gone wrong? Did you mean Jenny (and which one – The Doctor’s Daughter or Vastra’s wife)?

      Thanks for your comments as ever CJ!

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