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Help I’m Stuck for Blogging Ideas!

This blog features book reviews, essay discussions, sample work, articles on linguistics, stories about books in the news, when writers die, advice for writers, information on self-publishing, how to write effectively, book recommendations, website recommendations, personal updates, articles on themes and so on and so forth. Yet I do sometimes, simply, run out of ideas.

I usually have enough content to post 3-4 times per week, sometimes more often than that but inevitably with nothing going on in the world, half way through reading a book, having not written any fiction, with no inspiration from Daily Post, I simply run out of ideas.

I found Portent, a really handy idea generator, Actually, I tell a lie – a client sent it to me and though it hasn’t bee quite useful (yet) for the work I do for him, there is great potential here for blogging ideas. You put in your idea and then click to generate. It gives you a potential title and if you don’t like it, you simply generate another one.

Next time you’re stuck for blogging ideas, give it a go. I’ve had some amusing suggestions already and only a handful that have been useful.


2 thoughts on “Help I’m Stuck for Blogging Ideas!

  1. It’s funny, I can have three really amazing blog ideas at once or I can go for a week with complete writers block. I will definitely check out Portent, it sounds interesting 🙂

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