Anti Science Fiction Snobbery Makes Me Go Grrrrr!

MG Mason:

Saw an interesting prompt on Daily Post and thought I would re-blog this rant from a few years back :)

Originally posted on Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink:

Started this post before the subject of today’s Post A Day came up but nice to be able to tie it in all the same!

Having read this article last week, I felt inspired to comment on the ridiculous idea that some writers feel the need to insist work is not science fiction.

First, let me give you a premise. It is the mid 21st century. The Earth has suffered irreversible ecological damage. But we have a back up in the form of a recently discovered planet that has an earth-like atmosphere and can support life. A small group of humans set up a colony there and await the arrival of the transport ships bringing the survivors from Earth. This team of scientists creates clones to help build the colony. Sometime in the brief history, a disease wipes out a fair proportion of the populace. The clones are blamed and…

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