Attention: Free Book Alert! (Two Days Only)

Due to slow sales and a distinct lack of ratings at both Good Reads and Amazon, I have decided to put a two-day free promotion on my short story collection Herrenvolk and Other Stories. From the 31st October through to 1st November, it will be free for download exclusively for Amazon Kindle.

I had hoped to have DNF finished by this time and promote the short stories free in association with this release, but sadly due to being busy with work I’ve not had the chance. End of the year or early next year now.

Herrenvolk and Other Stories

A collection of short stories bringing together 15 years of an amateur writing career. Ten stories, eight of which appeared on the Elfwood website, one of which was once voted amongst the best within the Wyverns library. Inside you will find:

  • A trilogy of stories about Nazi Super-soldiers set over a 100 year period
  • A short and intense tale of a vital medical procedure with a bizarre twist
  • The final confession of a man on death row whose killing spree was not quite what it seemed
  • A medieval ghost story for Christmas
  • An intense discussion over a dinner date on the meaning of “travel”
  • On an alien world, a group of hikers find a strange machine with the souls of creatures trapped inside them

Whether you like science fiction, horror or fantasy you will find something for you! | |

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