Open Thread: Death in Heaven (and Series Overview)

So there we are, that was the one hour long series finale.  Missy is The Master, and she was using cyber technology to create a new army with which to conquer the galaxy. She eventually passes control of the army to The Doctor, messing with his head (my favourite bit of this particular episode).

I really enjoyed this and Michelle Gomez has been great. I hope she shows up as The Master again in future. Though I am miffed we didn’t find out how she gender-switched. A satisfactory conclusion, but unlike other season finales this one did not set me ablaze.

What are your closing thoughts on the finale or the series as a whole?

For me, Capaldi has been great. Clara has been great (but I won’t miss her). Their relationship has been great. Gomez was brilliant. I think the stories has been a little thin and recycled. I felt all the familiarity should have led to something – such as making such a big deal of “why this face?” in the opening episode. Or perhaps they were merely hints of a returning villain.


14 thoughts on “Open Thread: Death in Heaven (and Series Overview)

  1. mrmonkey1980

    I think I feel the same. However, my niggles were that they killed the Master off again! So now stye have to find another way to bring her back. Why can’t they just leave a recurring villain alive for once? It would actually be nice to have a continuing enemy rather than lots of one offs. I think we are meant to assume that Sim just regenerated into Gomez. She was brilliant wasn’t she? She had a really big movie villain feel to her. Very dangerous and mean but so outrageously funny with it. I couldn’t help cursing Osgood for going near her though. Thats the oldest trick in the book. She kinda deserved to be zapped. And I’m a bit creeped out with their being an undead Brigadier Cyberman flying around….

    My other niggle was with the whole Clara thing. Why did missy try so hard to keep them together? What was she trying to achieve? I just didn’t get what her goal was there. It didn’t seem to amount to anything except her own failure.

    1. I hope they haven’t “killed” her off – she was just too good and by the end had easily made the role her own – no mean feat for a character who had been male for the preceding 50 years!

      Sad that Osgood got killed off because I really liked her too. I was hoping she would be the next companion; I think this Doctor needs somebody who is on his level and perhaps its about time we had another Nyssa character too as opposed to the conveyor belt of ballsy middle England types. A nerdy girl would really have helped build far more empathy from the fan base seeing as everyone was split on Clara and quite a few were split on Amy.

      We never got to find out what Missy meant by the “I have chosen well” thing when referencing Clara. Did I miss something?

      1. mrmonkey1980

        They referenced the woman in the shop and it being her who kept them together, but the closest thing to being a reason was Missy saying “A control freak and the man who cannot be controlled, what a perfect couple!” Or something to that effect. Maybe I missed it though. I’ll probably watch it again soon

      2. mrmonkey1980

        Thief really needed to be more. Was Missy just trying to be friendly in her own way? She gave the Doctor an army as a birthday present. She kept him and Clara together for no apparent reason…

  2. cjmoseley

    I didn’t enjoy that much either. It felt weirdly campy, and not nearly as exciting as it should have done. The Cyber-zombies should have been a lot more terrifying than they were.

    Osgood is played by Jenny Colman’s sister, so I doubt they would want her as a Companion. Although they dealt with her with the same device as the Doctor intended to kill Missy (that didn’t look like a laser screwdriver). It would be just like the Master to ‘kill’ those close to the Doctor just to have him use the Device on him and teleportation him back to his TARDIS. Especially after deliberately setting Clara to want Missy dead. Of course that was rather spoilt by the Cyber-Brig. But Cybermen have a bad credit track record killing Timelords, and so the Master can come back.

    More interesting is the hanging Paradox of Danny Pink’s descendants, and the location of Missy’s TARDIS, which presumably had visited Gallifrey and would have those coordinates (although the Master probably lied about the whole thing).

    Of course this all leads into a Christmas Special where Clara and the Doctor both want something rather special for Christmas and Santa exists… (is it another robot? Or just more high ‘camp’?)

    1. They started off scary enough but the humanised Danny Pink one killed any sense of impending terror. They are (I feel) scarier than they ever were in the Tennant era.

      Oh I hadn’t realised she was Jenna’s sister! That’s pretty cool but sadly, I think you’re right it would mean they wouldn’t use her. A shame we probably won’t get to see her again at all, she has been good in her handful of appearances.

      Despite their apparent parting, I think we will see Clara again.

  3. selysin

    I thought the Doctor set the zapper to teleport before he used it on Missy but it was sometime after midnight when I watched it so I could be mistaken. I just couldn’t get past the plot-holes you could drive a Cyberman through to really enjoy the episode so like the rest of the season it had the potential to be great but ended up being slightly disappointing.

    1. I agree, The Doctor would never kill The Master… he has tried to save his old friend time and time again. I just watched the episode again… he definitely fiddled with the zapper when Clara handed it over. She won’t be dead and I doubt that Gomez’ incarnation is finished either. She’s been far too good.

  4. Cat

    He looked surprised when she disappeared, I thought that she’d set it to teleport herself (she teleported earlier in the program the same way didn’t she?) She certainly isn’t dead.

    I am annoyed at the lack of substance to Clara being ‘chosen well’ – there really wasn’t much to it in the end and they set it up so much. Not Moffat’s best I feel.

    As for the ‘why this face’ I can only think that this is going to be covered a bit more in future.

    The time traveller who looked like Danny…well either Clara’s already pregnant, it was a coincidence, or Santa magics him back to life in the xmas special…

    1. He looked surprised when she disappeared, I thought that she’d set it to teleport herself (she teleported earlier in the program the same way didn’t she?) She certainly isn’t dead.

      Ah yes, she did teleport that way and as they’d never kill off The Master so flippantly (or at all for that matter) I think we can safely assume she teleported. I just hope this isn’t the last time we see Michelle Gomez as the character.

      As a side note, I loved the Mary Poppins float down she did.

      The time traveller who looked like Danny…well either Clara’s already pregnant, it was a coincidence, or Santa magics him back to life in the xmas special…

      Rumour going around tinterwebs is she is already pregnant. We do know she will be in it though, so a variation of the latter remains possible.

  5. Cat

    Oh and as for the Master changing gender…nobody asks how or why timelords can change height, weight, colouring etc, so I don’t see why gender is an issue…

    1. I think because it is so rare, people would prefer an explanation for how it happened. Plus, we know that The Master has used many methods in the past to extend his life (for most of the original run, he was on his final incarnation so was always looking to get more regenerations, extend his life or hijack bodies – as he did in the Doctor Who movie when he hijacked Eric Roberts).

      I’m merely speculating and slightly miffed that it wasn’t explained either way. Maybe we will in some form.

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