Photo Challenge 14/11/14: My Running Achievement

I don’t usually do the Daily Post Photo Challenge, but today I am making an exception. Last Sunday, 50,000 people ran the New York Marathon in freezing conditions. I’ve never run a marathon, but people who know me know that I do run. I am most comfortable with 10Ks but in January this year I ran the Brook’s Hell Run. 11 miles of gruelling terrain, sand, mud, swamp, steep slopes up and down.

Yes, in January. So here’s a photo of my medal.DSCF4761

The reason I am posting is is because this Sunday is my last of six competitive races for 2014. Four 10Ks, one tough 5 mile multiterrain and this Hell Run. Not for the weak of heart! Though I am not sure why Iran is Happy 😉


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