Who Wants Free / Discounted Book Alerts Every Day?

I discovered Book Bub only recently so apologies to anyone who has been using this for years. I stumbled upon it quite by accident a few weeks ago and subscribed to the daily newsletter. I admit I didn’t expect much, really. I expected largely self-published work as we do, but rather at the obscure end – perhaps a list of stuff that nobody has bought and with low ratings while the authors desperately try to raise awareness of stuff that isn’t very good.

How wrong I was on so many counts. Book Bub isn’t a service to pretend that the very worst available in the self-published world is the next best thing to Shakespeare. In fact, it is a service that brings you a list of heavily discounted books that are top sellers and top rated books – and what’s more, that also includes highly successful commercial work. I have made several purchases so far, each looked intriguing and each were very highly rated.

I have also seen well-known titles on the site by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River and even A Game of Thrones was available at a discounted rate just a couple of days ago.

It’s easy to use. You do need to sign up for the site and tell them which genres you are interested in reading. It’s important you are as accurate as possible because this will affect your daily mailing list. Then, if you see one you really like you just buy it through your relevant store.

If you go a few days without checking your emails, don’t simply delete it in the assumption you’ve missed the deadline – only some of them are a 24hr thing. Most have a few days or weeks for you to purchase them. This varies depending on the title.

Have fun readers!

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