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Pesky Foreigners, Coming Over and Reading my Blog!

Because I’m an obsessive country-checking junkie when it comes to my stats (I don’t know if that’s a thing, but if it isn’t I’ve just made it up), I’ve decided to summarise just how international my blog is. I’ve checked my all times hits to see from which countries I have never received a hit and the five from where I receive the most. I started my blog in October 2010 and WordPress introduced the country of origin feature on 25th February 2012 so I can only go back that far. No matter, October 2010 – Feb 2012 is around a third of this blog’s present life.

bbc via NASA

Here are the five countries from where I receive the most hits:

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. India

Top four are hardly surprising, really. I’m a little surprised that India beat both Ireland (16th) and New Zealand (19th). If I’d have done this just a month ago, the top two countries would have been switched around. At the beginning of the year, the UK had something like a 2000 hit lead over our American cousins, but for some reason that was slowly whittled away and the USA has just a couple of hundred lead. I think it’s down to my greater participation once again in The Daily Post from WordPress. If you don’t use it, check it out as there are some brilliant prompt ideas and themes to get you writing. There’s also a Community Pool every Monday where you can get feedback on your content or layout of your blog.

The number of countries who visit my blog has also increased this year I think, so maybe alongside TDP, the content is taking on a far more international flavour. It’s all good though! Here are the countries I have never received a hit from. In general north–>south, west–>east order (sort of!) then…

  1. Svalbard
  2. North Korea (oh, there’s a shock!)
  3. Kosovo (the only country in Europe with zero hits)
  4. Kashmir
  5. Uzbekistan
  6. Turkmenistan
  7. Iran
  8. Kyrgyzstan
  9. Libya
  10. Cuba
  11. Western Sahara
  12. Mauretania
  13. Senegal
  14. Guinea-Bissau
  15. Sierra Leone
  16. Liberia
  17. Mali
  18. Gambia
  19. Togo
  20. Burkina Faso
  21. Niger
  22. Chad
  23. Sudan
  24. Central African Republic
  25. South Sudan
  26. DR Congo
  27. Congo
  28. Equatorial Guinea
  29. Gabon
  30. Somalia
  31. Burundi
  32. Rwanda
  33. Madagascar
  34. Mozambique
  35. Namibia
  36. Lesotho (only my eagle eye spotted a tiny gap within South Africa)
  37. Swaziland
  38. Mauritius (perhaps surprising being such a destination for rich tourists and with one of the free-est governments in Africa?)
  39. Seychelles (similar)
  40. Papua New Guinea
  41. Solomon Islands
  42. Vanuatu
  43. Falkland Islands

Svalbard (no. 1) and Falklands (no. 43) are semi-autonomous and are listed on the stats as separate countries.

Though a couple of those are surprising, most are not. These are some very poor countries where most people will not have internet access, some have authoritarian dictatorships that restrict it, and others have very low population density, I imagine this pattern will follow most people’s stats. I am surprised at the following though:

  1. Greenland – just one hit from the world’s least densely populated country by landmass but hey… someone in Greenland read my blog!
  2. Gibraltar – Just one hit. I know it’s a small island, but it is quite densely populated and the semi-autonomous state is English-speaking
  3. Afghanistan – Again, just one hit but there you go, more people have visited me from Afghanistan than from the relatively wealthy and free Mauritius

Wherever you’re from, thank you for your continued input and please do keep coming back!


7 thoughts on “Pesky Foreigners, Coming Over and Reading my Blog!

    1. Some non-autonomous areas are classed as separate countries by WordPress – presumably to avoid upsetting people – including Palestine (I have 7 hits since 25th Feb 2012).

  1. Mine are overwhelmingly US (not surprising because I’m from there, and also it’s enormous), but I’ve never heard of a few of the countries/semi-autonomous states that I’ve gotten 1-2 hits from. In that way, I’m learning more from my stats than just blogging-related information.

    1. The more I look at the existing stats page, the more I learn too. It throws up questions sometimes (such as why I get spikes on certain posts for no apparent reason). I really hope WordPress doesn’t do away with the stats system we are used to.

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