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Character Twitter Accounts are Active!

dead heat cover

For now at least, and for my characters at least, I have joined the Twitterati.

Two of the main characters now have Twitter accounts and will be discussing proceedings for them leading up to the events of Dead Heat. I’m going to drip-feed their back stories but it won’t be anything too exciting and probably little that will give too much of the story away, but it will at least give you some context and insights into their characters.

Please do follow and help me spread the word about my upcoming ebook release Dead Heat 🙂


2 thoughts on “Character Twitter Accounts are Active!

  1. That’s so awesome.Will all the Tweets basically be “in character”?

    I created a FB profile for my main characters a loong time ago (I know, against FB policy….) but I mostly just used it for me to get inside their heads and make them feel more real to me, leading to my significant other seriously questioning my sanity, but anyway….

    Maybe my characters should give Twitter a chance (and then my characters and your characters can be friends!) Worlds collide!

    And then the apocalypse is triggered.

    1. They are and will be in character, yes (the image above contains both of the first tweets I’ve posted). I got the idea from a regular commenter here so thought I would try it out.

      I like the idea of a mash up, could be a good way of promoting two different book series at the same time 🙂

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