Dead Heat First Draft Complete

It felt like a slog today, most because I wasn’t quite sure how the finale should go but when it came to me it all slotted into place. I’m pleased with the finale and the epilogue, and I hope you will be too. Being very conscious of how most zombie novels and films end, I wanted to do something familiar yet different.

final coverIt’s not all done yet though, I still need to edit it – tidy up the text, take out things that don’t work, change the inconsistencies and correct any bad spelling and grammar, and in the next few days I will upload the first draft to Amazon so it at least has an Amazon page and a Good Reads page. That way the second I am finished, I can send it my kind beta readers who will (hopefully) review it shortly afterward and it will have reviews up prior to release.

I intend to be far more organised with the release of this one, to have a proper plan rather than to play it by ear.

I got a real sense of satisfaction when I wrote the final scene today, as I’m sure we all do when we finish a project like this. I really believe in this and I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As every, stay tuned for that!

Next though, I expect to work on Dead Lock – at least long enough to figure out if it works, and my still untitled Romans Vs Aliens novel needs to move forward at some point now all the characters are fully fleshed out.

Thanks to everyone who commented and please, please don’t forget to buy when it is released (date to follow :))

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