Dead Heat Ebook Out Now!

I am proud to announce that finally, the comedy-horror novella I have been working on since last summer when I had a very funny dream featuring me and two friends, and felt inspired to write this story after that, is out now! It is called Dead Heat and will set you back just £3.25, $5(USD) and $6.27(CAD).

I’m very pleased with this and most personal feedback I’ve received so far has been positive (thanks everyone who has read it so far!) CJ Moseley posted a comprehensive review here. Thanks to everyone who has rated and reviewed and to the handful of buyers I have already had today. Everyone else, please go and buy it, you’ll make a self-published writer very happy 🙂

In other news, I’ve been making some notes on Dead Lock, the mirror story to Dead Heat and will update everyone on that score over the weekend when I’ve had the chance to make sense of my nighttime scribblings.

Advertising bit:

final coverCorporate team building days can be fun and when three friends: Jim, Mike and Tony are told this year’s event would be the Dead Heat, where they would be chased by aspiring actors of mixed talent pretending to be zombies, they thought it would be a laugh and worth it for a day out of the office.

But this day off soon turns sour as nobody – not even the organisers – realise that real zombies have gate-crashed the party, and it’s not the after-event barbecue and free beer they want.

Unable to tell the difference between the hammy acting of amateur thesps and real rotting corpses looking to snack on human flesh after hundreds of years of slumber, the three friends must escape the island and definitely, definitely not end up killing any actors on the way.

You’ll laugh at the pop culture references, you’ll scream “it’s a real zombie, you idiot!” and you’ll be on the edge of your seat as middle management executives really wish they’d never left the cubicle. | |


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