Praise for Dead Heat

Self-promotional stuff today, but I want to update everyone on some of the comments I’ve had and reviews I’ve seen on Amazon and Good Reads for my horror-comedy novella Dead Heat. And, of course, I want to implore you to buy it! It’s been out for a week and this is what people are saying so far.

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final cover“Comedy Horror is a really tricky genre to get right, but as far as I’m concerned MG Mason has pretty much hit the zombie nail on the head with a cricket-bat repeatedly with this fast-paced, funny and just a little bit freaksome, fun run gone wrong.”

Taken from CJ Moseley’s Good Reads review (also, see his much deeper analysis at his personal blog here)

“The story has a slow build up of tension as the race progresses, a tension that is alleviated by some dry British humour that hits the mark most of the time. Think The Office meets 28 Days Later. The interplay between the main characters is entertaining and leaves you wondering what happened next when you reach the end.”

Taken from Ambitious Outsider’s Review on

“what a great book, witty charming gruesome in all the right places one of the best i have read. i look forward to more from this author.”

Creature B Movie Fan at

“Eat’ your heart out Shaun of the dead. A brilliant easy read, It’s funny, fast paced, a finger biting gripping tale. M G Mason has a way to set the scene perfectly! With characters you can genuinely relate to, it’s fast, funny and frightening.”

Mr JW Etheridge at

I really enjoyed the way MG Mason built up the characters to make them very believable. The conversations they have come across as realistic – and funny. And the novella flows in a manner which just draws you in until you suddenly realise it’s past midnight and you have work in the morning.

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3 thoughts on “Praise for Dead Heat

  1. andfreed

    That’s so exciting Matt! It must feel great to be recognized for something you worked so hard on. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I am very pleased, especially as comedy is so difficult to write.

      I believed in it from the start, feeling it was such a good and simply idea; surprising nobody had done it before, really.

      I just hope it can translate to sales 🙂

  2. tominalbion

    I’m glad you are getting some well deserved praise 🙂

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