A Sample of Dead Heat – My Horror-Comedy Novella

My recent novella Dead Heat has a number of 4 and 5-star reviews already on Amazon Kindle. Want another good reason to buy it aside from the great reviews? How about a short section of some horror and some funnies to encourage you to buy it?

final cover

There was only cricket bat; Jim retrieved it and passed it immediately to Kate. ‘Kate, you kill her, just smash her head in. That should be easy.’

‘What the?! Why the hell should I be the one to do it?’

‘It’s not right that any of us lads should do it, that’s why.’ the zombie noticed the raised voices and staggered to her feet.

‘One of you just do it, please?’ said Mike. ‘Kate, he might play jack the lad but he’s a big softie. He’s the sort of bloke who cries at films with three-legged dogs in.’

Still refusing to take the cricket bat, she crossed her arms. ‘You said it’s wrong for “us lads”, not just “you” as in “Jim”, but “us lads” Why would that be, Jim?’

‘It’s wrong to hurt a woman and all that?’ he offered, sounding less than convinced himself. The shambling zombie dropped the foot that she had cradled since the group entered the building.

‘Jim, can you tell precisely where and when it was ever declared that the rules of chivalry also applied to undead women trying to eat you? She’s getting closer, by the way,’ Kate nodded at the zombie.

The creature’s mouth was open; fleshy, bloody gunk ran out of her mouth and down her chin.

‘It doesn’t say that anywhere in the book of rules of chivalry, but it doesn’t say that it doesn’t apply to the undead either.’

Kate looked confused for a moment, blinked and then snatched the cricket bat out of Jim’s hand. ‘You know what, you’re a right prat Jim, and a cheeky git, but I like you – don’t ruin that.’

‘You called me “hot” remember,’ he said as Kate marched up to the zombie and raised the cricket bat.

‘No I said “quite fit” and it was to defuse the situation!’ she swung her cricket bat and the zombie’s head was swiftly reduced to a pulp; she dropped to the floor and was a threat no more.

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