Where Have I Been?! To London to See the Queen…

Not really! I’ve not been anywhere near London in fact. Yes, it has been a whole week since I blogged here and most importantly, I missed posting (and even writing) the next and possible final part to Dwarf Star. It’s coming though and I expect to finish it this weekend and it may be a double-length piece.

I suddenly had an uptake in work about a week ago, several new contracts and some older jobs restarting meant that I had next to nothing to do at the beginning of the week and a lot to do at the end of the week – which was made even more crucial because I was taking my girlfriend away for a mini-break for her birthday. I got back this evening and have work to catch up on.


At the moment though, I am sitting up and watching the coverage of the General Election. This is the least predictable election in my living memory because of the rise of the right wing UKIP “UKIP Earthquake” and the left-wing Green Party (of which I am a member) “Green Surge” both making these results unpredictable until tonight – both parties are expected to increase the number of seats they have. It’s presently coming up for 1AM and only four seats have declared – in North East England three safe Labour party seats and one in the south, surprisingly the other half of my own town – Swindon North declared for the Tories so they have retained a swing seat. I expect we will have a fuller picture come morning and the first stirrings of what the coalition of the next government will look like.

In other news, big changes with Odesk this week. The site has changed its name to Upwork. A name that fills me with indifference and confusion. Elance will be phased out over time. Changes to the Odesk/Upwork site is superficial at the moment on top of the changes that have already been made over the last few months and I feel the time is right to expand my scope beyond the site. I can’t afford to have all my eggs in one basket at this stage as I look to promote myself across the web and have a good portfolio to present to clients.

So expect me to start posting again in earnest by the weekend, including that important finale to Dwarf Star. Keep reading!


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