Dys ability

The meaning of words and how we use them. Fascinating blog post from Stormclear on the meaning of “disability” and whether we should use “neurodiversity” for such learning difficulties as dyslexia and dyspraxia.


I’ve been pondering the idea of disability. I recently read a very emotive article online about how the government’s austerity cuts are damaging towards the disabled, and this lady’s very eloquently worded it:

“My illness is about the way my body functions or fails to function, but my disability includes how accommodating or unaccommodating society is towards disabled people. If disabled people aren’t enabled by society, we simply become more disabled.”

These words are by Rosa Davies in The Guardian (see link here)

In my own little way, I want to join the fight towards making the world more accommodating for people who live outside of what is classed as ‘normal’ (I hesitate to use the ‘n’ word, so it gets speech marks)

The idea behind Stormclear is to discover more ways of helping people with dyslexia and dyspraxia – and other similar difficulties – to cope with a…

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