Dead Heat now on Smashwords Premium

Good news! Following on from yesterday’s bold submission of the first three chapters and an outline of Salmonweird, I received news overnight that all is fine with the Smashwords submission of Dead Heat and the brom-zom-com is officially part of the Smashwords Premium scheme.What does that mean? In real terms, it means there are far more outlets for me to sell the digital copy throughout the world including WHSmith Kobo (UK), Barnes & Noble (US), Apple Store (global), Rakuten Buy (US) and I think the Android Store (global). More channels means greater chance of sales.

final cover

Naturally, I have delisted myself now from the Amazon KDP which means I will no longer get paid per page read and Kindle Unlimited subscribers will no longer be able to read the book for free. Sorry guys, but it wasn’t working out limiting myself to a single platform. I’m hoping having multiple platforms will get me noticed more, especially as I plough on with Salmonweird and seek the best channel to get that noticed.

6 thoughts on “Dead Heat now on Smashwords Premium

      1. cjmoseley

        Thanks. I think ebooks are in a bit of a slump right now, and it is hard to get noticed, even with great books like ours:)

      2. Yeah, that’s why I’m pursuing conventional methods as a first resort for Salmonweird. I really believe in Dead Heat, but so far I believe in this new one even more so. It has great potential and several people have said it would be an injustice to send it straight to self-publishing without trying other avenues first.

        Watch this space:)

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