Snippet Sunday 13/9/15: Forgotten: Part 1

A new serial! My first for a while and its one I’ve been playing around with for some time but I’m stuck in two minds about it add I think it might have longevity. It could later become a novella, all going well.

‘Good morning handsome!’

Slowly, groggily he turned to face the voice in the bed next to him. It was a woman and she was naked; the duvet was gathered up over her lower back, exposing delicate, slender, tanned shoulders draped in messy blonde hair that was the only thing protecting her modesty. ‘Good morning,’ was his cautious reply, offering her a warm smile.

She turned to face him and it was all he could do not to look at her bare chest. ‘You certainly slept well but I’m not surprised after the whiskey you had last night. When you and Rob get together there is nothing to stopyou two.’

He rubbed his head, trying to remember. ‘Ah, that explains it. It’s all a little hazy now.’

She chuckled. ‘You know how you get on whiskey. I tell you all the time but you never listen.’ she leaned forward and kissed him firmly on the lips. ‘Eugh, that whiskey taste is not good the following morning. No more kisses for you until you’re cleaned up. Oh, and I’m having a shower first!’

He watched her, dumbfounded as she leapt out of the bed and bounded over, almost skipping to the doorway on the other side of the room, disappeared through it and locked the door. A few seconds later he heard the distinct sound of a power shower starting up and her soft voice hum a familiar tune.

He climbed out of bed and made his way to the right to investigate the other door. It was a simple kitchen with all the usual appliances; beyond it appeared to be a living room – nothing out of the ordinary there. Then he turned his attention back to the blinds at the far end of the bedroom, noticing the sunlight aching to break through. He slid a hand between the two slats, gently eased them open and peered through the small gap. He too was naked and didn’t want to scare anyone if the apartment happened to look out over a busy road.

He needn’t have worried; the apartment was at least 200 floors up and looked out over a great expanse of buildings, greenery and expressways far below. The nearest high rise looked to be around 3 miles away and it was clustered with four others. They were of an unusual design, not quite straight and with rounded angles that made them look like gnarled oak trees that had had all their branches cut off, leaving only the trunk.

‘Hmmm, that’s why I married you, that’s one fine arse you have.’ He hadn’t heard her exit the bathroom and almost jumped in surprise. He let go of the slats and turned to face her again, giving her a warm smile again. She stood there in only a towel; as he leaned in for a kiss she put a finger to his lips. ‘Ah, ah, ah. Whiskey breath, remember?! Have a shower and I’ll make breakfast while you’re in there. Full English ok?’

‘Yes please!’ He headed into the bathroom and locked the door, pressing his ear against the panel. After about a minute, he heard the sounds of the kettle boiling in the kitchen and she was one again humming a familiar tune.

He turned to the mirror, rested his hands on the rim of the basin and let out a sigh. After a few seconds he spoke in a tone low enough that nobody else could hear him. ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall I have just two questions this morning. One: where the fuck am I? Two: who the fuck is that woman?’

Most shockingly, the mirror answered back.

Go straight to part 2 here.


6 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 13/9/15: Forgotten: Part 1

  1. kenpat2404

    I take it that you never came up with more tales of Trant. Will you be collecting all the Snippet Sunday stories into a book?

    1. Hi Ken, Trant has been, as they say in “development hell” for the last few years as I work on other ideas. Most recently brom-zom-com Dead Heat and now a supernatural crime comedy called Salmonweird

      I may yet return to Trant’s world so thanks very much for asking! I know many people enjoyed the story and have asked for more 🙂

      As for the serials, it has occurred to me to release them as an ebook, yes. It will most likely be free of charge as I don’t think I would sell many copies of works that are freely available on my website.

  2. lifelessons

    I read the second part first, but kind of interesting to go backwards in time. As I said in comments for part 2, this is an intriguing story. I look forward to the next episode.

    1. Thanks,

      Just a polite and friendly note – it’s considered rude to comment on other people’s blog posts with links to your own blog, especially if the article in question has nothing to do with the blog post you are commenting on 🙂

      1. lifelessons

        Interesting. I started doing so on the request of two viewers and just last week surveyed readers about this..Dozens said they appreciated it and you are only the second who said they did not like it. Most said they considered it rude if it was just a pingback with no comments and when it was obviously just some sort of software used where they could send a group pingback to everyone. Mine is not and it’s done as a way to easily provide a way for readers to read my blog. Since I post several posts a day–one prose or poetry and at least two photo posts, I often just give the link to the last thing I posted– unless my post directly answers the post of the person I have read. Sometimes I mistakenly post the wrong link. Should I comment on your posting again and include a link, it is because I’ve forgotten that it offends you. Just overlook it. I do not comment or hit “Like” unless I’ve read and enjoyed a post. I spend hours each day reading posts and commenting so perhaps you can choose to be pleased I liked your post enough to comment rather than choosing to be offended because I’ve given you the opportunity to read my blog as well. Sorry you consider it rude. Most don’t–Best, Judy

      2. so perhaps you can choose to be pleased I liked your post enough to comment rather than choosing to be offended because I’ve given you the opportunity to read my blog as well.

        I wasn’t rude to you, so I don’t understand why you felt the need to respond the way you did? I am sorry you feel hard done by, but commenting on others’ blogs is a privilege, not a right. Secondly, using somebody else’s blog to self-promote generally irrelevant articles from your own, is rude. That is my right on my blog. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that people who choose to comment here respect my very short list of rules.

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