Open Thread: The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar

I thought I would carry on this feature I started last year; I’ve saved it until this week because it was a two-parter. Personally, I think it’s been an incredible opening couple of episodes, far surpassing most of last year’s. My prompt then…
Considering the scale of this two parter, that this season will be mostly two parters, and the general ambition of this story, are you excited for this season overall?

Or perhaps you want to talk about something else related to either episode about Missy, Davros or the rebirth of the Daleks. Perhaps you picked up on something that you might feel seemed significant at the time but could have massive implications? I know some of the subscribers here have long memory and deep knowledge of the classic series.

The floor is yours!


3 thoughts on “Open Thread: The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar

  1. cjmoseley

    I was a little worried by the first episode, it hinted at the entire time-war being undone by killing John Connor (or Davros whichever), but the second ep definitely redeemed itself and felt like a very promising start to the series.

    1. I didn’t for one minutes believe that he would kill the young Davros because it would be such a lazy RetCon that everyone would rightly feel cheated.

      He probably thought back to the time in Genesis of the Daleks when he had a chance to kill them in the cradle and realised what might have stepped into the void could have been far worse.

      I even had my doubts about Davros’ motives for a while. For the most part I was shouting at the telly “don’t fall for it!” but towards the end I reconsidered for a brief moment. Only when The Doctor said he would use a little bit of regeneration energy did the penny finally drop that that was exactly what Davros wanted.

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