Open Thread: The Zygon Invasion / Inversion


Wow, so yet another interesting two parter for this series of Doctor Who in a change of format that seems to be working story-wise. This was a very strong episode and effectively demonstrated why Capaldi is the perfect Doctor (real name “Basil”). Next week, we have a (now rare) single parter coming up.

This two parter saw the return of nerdy occasional sidekick Petronella Osgood, first seen in 50th Anniversary Special Day of the Doctor but seemingly killed by Missy at the end of last season’s two-part finale (but there were two of her – one human, one Zygon). Which one died, the Zygon or the human, is a matter of speculation even if we now think we know the answer following the conclusion of this two parter. Either way, we now appear to have our favourite nerd girl back. So my question is:

Would you like to see Osgood come back as the regular companion after the departure of Clara or would you rather keep her as a recurring character alongside Kate Stewart? Nu Who has been desperately short of nerd companions.

Over to you!


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