I’ve Closed ILPPS

Long term readers will know that I had a science and misinformation-destroying blog and Facebook page for several years. That has now gone; I deleted it in mid December so if you were looking for content, my apologies. It started life as 2012 and All That as a way to dispel myths about the Maya and the apparent 2012 Apocalypse which never came to pass.

As I grew to follow science information pages on Facebook, I found many subjects to write about, not least of all in relation to my archaeology qualifications. I wrote articles that dispelled the notion that Biblical Exodus could have happened and even listed evidence that the myth of Jesus’ magical powers were anything but original, having been taken from multiple contemporary figures. I also posted a critical analysis of the evidence of The Shroud of Turin, highlighting evidence that this was an elaborate piece of medieval art.

These articles, though interesting to write, were time-consuming. Posting slipped from 2013 as I began writing for a living and last year, I posted a grand total of three articles. I thought / hoped a name change and revamp would help and I renamed it Illuminati, Lizard People and Pharma Shills as a satire on conspiracy theories. I wanted to write, but I had other obligations including paid work and fiction. It was no longer possible to maintain the blog and the page on Facebook, though my page was getting popular, I could see there were other people with more time to devote to satirising pseudoscience and promoting science information (Sci Babe, Food Hunk and Chow Babe (all scientists or satirists of Food Babe), Skeptical Meme Society, Liberal Without Woo, IFLS (which has sadly devolved to clickbait) and many more) were doing more than I could hope to keep up with. That’s why I took the decision to shut down the blog.

I saved the content though and in the next few weeks, you may see some articles that look familiar. Some of the content is suitable for this blog in a roundabout sort of way, especially when I look at written texts and social media misinformation. One particular article I wrote for ILPPS in October went viral, getting some 20,000 hits in some seven days. I will certainly be posting that here.

I hope and expect to write that sort of content in future on this blog, particular when it is relevant to writing, information and misinformation. To those who subscribed and commented, I thank you for your encouragement, support and feedback.

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