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What Other Series Would You Like to See Return?

Here in the UK, February sees the return of both The X-Files and Heroes (as Heroes Reborn). I am excited for both because from what I have seen of them, they do look very good and not merely a cynical attempt to cash in (at least, not yet). Here are some other cancelled / finished TV shows I would like to see return in one form or another.

Warning: I do include spoilers

A Decent Babylon 5 Spin Off

One of the greatest sci-fi shows ever made had two false starts with spin-offs. The so-so Crusade was killed in its crib before the end of the first season. It wasn’t that good and even the inclusion of Gary Cole with the occasional cameo from regular characters – G’Kar, Doctor Franklin and John Sheridan couldn’t really save it. The promising Legend of the Rangers didn’t quite make the grade and I believe cancelled by Joe Straczynski following too much interference from the production company who didn’t care for his vision. I would love to see a sequel series, something low-key and maybe set on a less grand set. Let’s see the tragedy unfold on Centauri Prime in the years of Londo’s Emperorship though without Andreas Katsulas’ G’Kar, that might feel empty (the actor died in 2006). What I wouldn’t give to see Peter Jurasik don that wig again. Or we could go back to the beginning and see the first Shadow War.

JMS announced plans for a film some two years ago but there has been very little mention since last January. I’m not sure a film would work, though.

Quantum Leap

Left on an almighty cliffhanger with Sam Beckett in a strange limbo of his own creation, fashioned from his own altruism and guilt, we are informed in the final credits that our Leaper “never returned home”. I think he’s been out there in the ether long enough and with TV shows loving big, long story arcs it may be time to bring back this icon of the 1990s. This time, let’s have a running thread with more depth than simply his desire to balance his angst at wanting to get home against his desire to be a good egg and world-fixer. This feel good series that mostly explored  politics and society of American culture between the 1950s and 1980s, may be just the tonic for our more darker obsessions for TV. On its day, Quantum Leap could also be a great thriller. Some of the most memorable episodes, and one that revealed a shocking twist that wasn’t quite explored as much as it could or should have been, was the Evil Leaper.


I don’t really need an excuse to ask for this to come back. I would like to see what happened next following John Crichton’s game of planetary Russian Roulette in stopping the war between the Sebaceans and the Scarrans and the “all lived happily ever after” ending. It was such a big universe, it can go anywhere. Like the original B5, it has a satisfactory ending due to fan power in pressing for a resolution – the result of which was the mini series The Peacekeeper Wars. But what next? We could jump ahead in time and follow John & Aeryn’s son. I can’t imagine him settling down with a nice family, not with his father’s and his mother’s blood. What I can’t imagine is that all was right with the universe forever. Some forces would still want to get their hands on wormhole technology – either for commercial or military applications. Whether that is either of the two enemies we already know or a rogue element, or Scorpius attempting to build his own empire, the story still has legs.

So, there are mine. What would you like to see rebooted or continue from where it left off?


5 thoughts on “What Other Series Would You Like to See Return?

    1. Ah Rome, yes. It was only ever going to be one season to cover up to and including the assassination of Caesar apparently. That was a waste of a lot of talent I think and was glad for season 2. Wish they had done more to take us into the early years of Augustus.

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