Moving Day!

It’s moving day for me so I will have little time to update you over the coming days. Yesterday, I drive over 200 miles from Swindon to Falmouth in Cornwall where I will be living. The land of pasties and clotted cream beckons (though not at the same time, that would be weird).

This means that my business will be relocating too, to a place where I hope to be able to work with small local businesses and expand my empire (ha!) off of exclusively working on Upwork. I’ve been with my girlfriend for nearly two and a half years. It’s an exciting time for both of us and part of the reason I am moving here is the inspiring landscapes.

Bodmin Moor copyright: MG Mason
A lake on Bodmin Moor
copyright: MG Mason

This is Bodmin Moor, an area near the road known as the A30 that links the far west of the country with the M5 motorway that begins at Exeter, heading towards Birmingham and The North. This is still some 35 miles from my new home though. The following pictures are much closer…

copyright: MG Mason
Falmouth Harbour. One of the deepest natural harbours in the world Copyright: MG Mason

Falmouth Harbour waterfront is just a 30 minute walk or a 10 minute train ride from where I will live from tomorrow. I have an immediate choice of two beaches to wind down and take my mind off work; plus, we’re moving at the best time of year. Spring is here and the temperature will rise and hours of daylight will increase over the next few months. The beach below is a little farther away but less than two hours walk from my new pad. Maenporth Beach is a great destination or a pit stop if you’re intending to walk a good stretch of the South West Coast Path in Cornwall.

Copyright MG Mason
Copyright MG Mason

Below is sunset over Falmouth taken towards the end of last year, around early November I think? It’s a lovely little town and though touristy in high season, it doesn’t feel trapped in the typical tourist naffness. I’ve heard it described as “Little Bristol” and it is in a way, it has that vibrant, artsy, indie feel that the city of Bristol has. It’s home to Falmouth Week where the Red Arrows normally show up for a display when the weather is good, and many food and drink festivals throughout the year. It has felt like home for some time now, and now it is home.

falmouth sunset (1)
Copyright MG Mason

Not only do I expect to have more outlets for rest and relaxation and to recharge my batteries, but I expect to feel inspired to write my fiction. My current work in progress is set in a fictional Cornish village that is another 40 miles or so to the west of where I live. I am particularly keen to visit the area where the story is set (a stone’s throw from Land’s End) and get a feel for the place. I expect to make a few visits to The Eden Project throughout the year too to make the most of the £25 entry fee (which gives you one year of free entry). I went as recently as last week for a night’s stay over at the YHA.

Not sure how long I will be quiet as we have a weekend of furniture deliveries and unpacking to do, but I hope it is a quick process so I can resume normal life as it will be. We expect to have internet connection from tomorrow (the day we move in) so it should be a smooth transition work-wise.

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