Snippet Sunday: Syzygy Part 8 (Finale)

Here we are, the final part of my current serial. I hope you have enjoyed the adventure, please don’t forget to offer your feedback.

Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7.

The next few minutes seemed to pass in slow motion – up the stairs into a gunfights.

The woman in green tugged my tattered sleeve and pointed. Following her finger, I saw my “brother” and my other self disappear through what I can only describe as a hole in time.I raced towards it with her prompt. As I approached, time slowed down even more. I could see another world beyond and it looked likemine.

Not entirely sure what happened, but on previous jumps we switched realities in an instant. Now, we were tumbling through what looked like a violent collision of storms. I imagined this is what Jupiter would look like should anybody ever go there. My “brother” and my other self were drifting quickly towards a pinpoint of light.

I started to, for want of a better word, swim for it. They could not have seen me, or they would have made greater haste. My “brother” wouldn’t have looked quite so startled either when I grabbed his leg. As it was he froze, looked down and quite surprised to see me angrily tugging at his tatty jeans. He gestured to my other self and pointed at me.

They swung about to face me, my other self reaching for something inside his pocket. I dodged and immediately launched myself at him, all in the freefalling of apparent zero gravity as we hurtled towards the light. Now, it looked like Piccadilly Circus in my reality. A red bendy bus zipped by, oblivious to the wormhole forming right next to it.

I moved out of the way in time. My other self had drawn a pistol. Either my footballer’s reflexes saved me or in his reality he was a very poor shot. The bullet whistled past me slower than I might have expected.

I launched myself at him again, fists colliding with his chest with such force that it expelled the air from his lungs and sent him hurtling off in another direction.

Behind us, I heard my “brother” call out in anger. I took just a fraction of a second to look behind me and saw him swimming towards us.

I gave my other self one last kick. It felt very fucking satisfying for that moment. Then, another window opened and he fell immediately through it and was gone. He’d barely had time to finish cursing me.

I turned to my “brother” and gave him the most menacing grimace I could muster. I raised my fists once more but the scene disappeared.

I had never been so relieved to see Piccadilly Circus in my life. I even laughed and collapsed in relief when the taxi driver in front of whom I had just dropped waved his fist before driving off.

There was no sign of my “brother” or my other self. Now I just wanted to get home.

I raced down the steps of the Tube Station against the crowds. The rush hour had not yet started, but the tube was busy nonetheless. I had to get home to see my wife and kids and within no time, that’s exactly where I ended up.

I walked in the door to see my wife sat on the sofa hugging our two children. All three were in tears. It was the look on the face of the two coppers that made my mind race. Both went through, in the space of two seconds, solemn and pity to shock.

The pair of them – a black man of about 40 and a white woman of about 25 – stood up and greeted me with a look of caution and apology. ‘I’m sorry,’ said the male officer, ‘there seems to be a tremendous mistake.’

Heart racing, I feigned ignorance and glared. ‘What is the meaning of this? Why have you upset my wife?!’

‘I don’t know what to say sir,’ he admitted.

‘Well try!’ I kissed my wife on the forehead.

‘Less than an hour ago, a man fitting your description was killed while walking along the westbound central overtaking lane of the M4. He had your wallet.’

My face softened, I wanted to laugh in relief but nothing could be less appropriate. ‘I was mugged earlier.’

He nodded slowly and raised a curious eyebrow. ‘That explains that, sir. But could you explain how the mugger happened to have your fingerprints?’

I shrugged. ‘No and I have more important things right now.’

The officer looked from me to my wife and to his partner. They nodded at each other. ‘Very well. We would like you to come to the station to answer a few questions. No hurry, but the next 48 hours would be very prudent.’

I waved them off and hushed my wife into silence; she soon calmed down. When she asked me what happened, I explained to her the best I could, leaving nothing out. We agreed to come up with a story together and we settled down for the rest of our evening.

At 9pm, my phone rang. I was so relieved to hear it, it helped ground me back in the reality of my existence. Assuming it to be the Police again, I start to speak. ‘If that’s the Police, I said I would-‘

It was the voice of my “brother”. ‘This is not over. You think he was the only one? It’s a universe of infinite possibilities little brother, remember that.’

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