Useful Sites For Writers: Coffitivity for Combatting Procrastination

Distraction, distraction, distraction. Whether writing a novel, working on a piece for a client or simply trying to let the creative juices flowing, working from home is not that easy. Not everybody can do it. You have to be tough on yourself and make yourself work. Combatting procrastination is a daily struggle.

Even the most dedicated freelancer will admit that there are distractions everywhere. Procrastination is our own enemy and some days can be a constant battle to stop yourself surfing Netflix, watching a film, blogging, picking up a book and so on. Even I, though I love my job, sometimes get distracted and go off and do other things. Combatting procrastination is not just for those who have dull, repetitive or jobs they don’t like. So long as you get the work done, it is not a problem. Having a routine certainly helps.

Coffivity creates the ambient sounds of coffee shops for a distraction free work period

Yet we cannot get away from the fact that working from home is a mass of distractions. One of them – according to one University of Chicago study – is, surprisingly, silence. it is amazing just how repressive silence can be. What the study also demonstrated is that accompanying background noise can actually help you in your work. Perhaps it is because humans are social creatures and we take evolutionary comfort in being surrounded by others. It is why some of us feel we get much of our work done when there is background ambience. I have certainly found that attending my local Jelly group helps me get stuff done.

Coffitivity is simply background ambience of a typical coffee shop for combatting procrastination. At present, there are three settings for the free versions with two more available for those who upgrade. Three settings is perfectly fine for me, but the upgraded version is presently just $9 (US) per year Рaround £7. The website is simple and there are also downloadable apps for Apple and Android stores. The website says that more productivity tools are in development so keep a look out for what comes next!


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