My Autumn-Winter Plan to Finish Salmonweird

I wrote a post on autumn winter writing goals last year (but deleted it in my culling wave) and got a lot of encouragement and responses. So I thought, why not do the same again? But then I realise I only have one writing goal for the next few months outside of my professional work and that is to finish my book.

A Plan for Finishing Salmonweird

I feel confident that I can get this done by 21st March, if not sooner. It’s around 55,000 words at present and I now have a clear path to the end with an expected length of some 70-75,000 words. I know what will happen in every chapter between now and the end too which is a great bonus. The final chapter is already written which is a bigger bonus. That means no writer’s block. The only constraint is how much work I have.

I feel that the large edit I did between late September and early October really helped. It made all the content, the plot and characters fresh in my mind again. Not only did I add around 400-500 words per chapter in fleshing out story, content, subplots and character, I even added several new scenes that slotted in quite nicely to the existing narrative.

As an aside, I recently knocked up a mock front cover for a newspaper reporting the story. There is a quick reference to media stories right near the start and I felt it was worth the effort, if only to give you a flavour of what has happened in the village.

salmonweir-newspaperI think I spent more time on it than I really should. If I self-publish, I may use something like this to promote it, though not necessarily this piece. It serves purely my own satisfaction of playing around with Microsoft Publisher and hopefully, adds some amusing touches for potential readers. Who knows, I may even include in the pre-story gumpf or the appendices at the end. Anyway, click on it and you’ll see a larger version and be able to read the whole story. Enjoy!

UK residents will get the reference I’m sure. It may be lost on American readers but it references a specific newspaper over here. This is just my warped sense of humour in action though. I’ve included a few snippets already for anybody wanting to read samples of this crime comedy.

Snippets from Chapter 1
My paltry effort for NaNoWriMo 2015
How my fictional Salmonweir village got its name
Advice on how many characters is too many, and a list of my key characters
Introducing the world’s worst Elizabethan poet

A Salmonweird Sleighing

It’s too early to talk about sequels I know, but I am beginning to formulate a plan of a Christmas themed crime comedy follow-up to this book. More news on this later. I don’t know if I will work on it through 2017 as I also want to work on Dead Lock and Romans Vs Aliens. I will update you in the new year or when Salmonweird is finished, whichever comes first🙂

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