Five Signs You Need a Freelance Content Writer

Professional content writing is a skill. Not everybody can do it and there is certainly more to it than stringing a few sentences of English together. Writing content is no guarantee of capturing an audience and you’ve probably long ago told yourself you won’t hire a freelance content writer for a variety of reasons. Is it time to revisit that? Here are five clear signs that you should give up trying to write your own content and outsource to a freelancer.


You See Your Content Writing as a Distraction

Nobody becomes a personal trainer, an environmental consultant, an artist selling prints and so on and so forth to write blog posts or landing pages. You want to do the stuff that makes you money and pays the bills. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you know that in the modern world of internet business you need outreach in the form of a blog, articles, social media campaigns and so on. Content is king but it can distract some people from their business. If you’d rather be doing anything but content writing, it’s time to hand that task over to somebody else.

Your Content Has No Real Value

Could your content be described as “perfunctory”? Is it boring and same-y with little in the way of valuable content? If so, then it’s clear that you don’t have the heart for it. It’s never a good idea to regurgitate what’s already on the web or worse – copy it. Plagiarism is frowned upon, but even if it is 100% unique, do you really want your content lost in a sea of 1,000 other sites all saying exactly the same thing? A professional content writer can deliver the content you want and provide the unique value that you desire for your equally unique audience.

You Find it Stressful

Whether it’s the time taken, a lack of quality sources, confused over conflicting advice about how to write web content or even hating the process of writing, it can be stressful. You put it on the backburner. You let the task drag and find an infinite number of distractions. You use avoidance tactics to get out of doing anything even remotely related to web content. So why bother doing it at all? There are freelance content writers out there who will gladly work with you to provide what you want.

You’re Out of Ideas

One of the hardest parts of writing web content is coming up with fresh ideas. While researching information for content can be a slog, researching ideas can be the worst part of content writing. You need a subject to write about and enough information to write about it. What’s more, it needs to be engaging, shareable and valuable. If you can’t even get off the ground, that’s going to waste a lot of time for you and your business. If you don’t need the distraction of writing, you certainly don’t need the distraction of getting lost under mountains of information through which you can’t even begin to sift.

You Have No Engagement

There is no magic formula for increased web hits, shares, comments, likes and general interaction – and a bad freelance content writer will certainly not deliver automatic results. However, if you’re losing an audience rather than building one then you are doing something wrong. The web is a core part of the audience for most businesses today. If you can’t crack that particular nut, that’s a lot of business on which you will be missing out. While I can’t promise to double/triple/quadruple your revenue in X amount of time, I can promise to compile more engaging content that should improve customer engagement.

Need a Freelance Content Writer?

Copyright MG Mason
Copyright MG Mason

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