I’m Considering Vlog Readings for Book Promotion

Earlier this week I uploaded two videos to my new YouTube channel. There isn’t much there at the moment, just two clips in fact. The first is of a very noisy otter at Otters & Butterflies in South Devon. The second is a steam train coming into Buckfastleigh Station, also in South Devon. I embedded the second video in my review (see previous link).

The only reason I uploaded them to YouTube is that WordPress doesn’t permit video uploading. It was simply easier to put them on YouTube and embed them in the post.

I also recorded a video clip of me reading a short section from Dead Lock, my upcoming follow-up story to Dead Heat. I have no intention of uploading this particular video, I just wanted to see how I looked and sounded on video. I shot it quite early in the morning this week when I was still wearing my PJs and had ruffled hair. I looked sleepy, probably because I had not yet had my morning coffee!

should i use video to promote my self-published book

I’m toying with the idea of re-shooting it and posting it there, perhaps with a better setting such as at the beach or on one of my running routes. One particular stretch is generally very quiet and would be an ideal outside setting. My question is whether any of my readers have used video readings as a marketing tool and how you have got on with it? I specifically mean reading excerpts and recording it on video, not book trailers.

I know people can download samples on their ebook readers but not everybody knows how to do it. I thought a video extract as a promotional piece might be fun.

One of my clients produces promotional videos so I know how effective the medium can be. If anybody has any thoughts or advice, please feel free to add them in the comment section below 🙂


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