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Welcome to teh Autumnz! Plans and Projects

I realise I was strangely quiet throughout September. Usually, when the blog scales back it’s because of work. Although I now have a constant stream of work from some great clients, the first reason was that I was preparing for my holiday at the end of the month.

I visited Crete for the first time. Although I am no stranger to Greece (I’ve visited Rhodes four times, Santorini once, Kos once and had day trips to Symi, Tilos and Nissyros), it was my first time to the largest of the archipelago. It was a great place, less touristy with a more “real” feel to it. It was clear that people lived and worked there rather than merely catering to the tourist trade. I hope to go back in the future. I intend to write another travel post soon with some stunning photos much as I did with the article on the Rhodian landscape last year. For now, here is one of me at Samaria Gorge in the south.

Copyright MG Mason 2017

The second reason is that I didn’t quite feel the need to write quite as much because my hit rate skyrocketed. In September, I had around 18,500 hits for the month. I’ve had years where there have been fewer hits than that. Why the blog went crazy like that is largely down to a single post I wrote last year: this one of Stephen King’s IT (most controversial scene in the book). That alone received over 14,500 hits. It’s hardly surprising as the new film was released at the beginning of the month. I wrote about the themes in the book in this article.

But it’s autumn now and I have plans for the 3 months of the season or six months as it tends to be in Cornwall because we don’t really get a winter, little frost and certainly no snow. It rarely gets colder than light jumper weather.

Autumn is a great season to make plans for the future. I’m entering what I expect to be my busiest period of the year and I will need projects away from my content writing to keep me occupied. These include:

  • Finishing Dead Lock. It should be released by the end of the month
  • Finding an agent or publisher for Salmonweird
  • Diving back into Children of Phobetor as an ongoing slow-burning project. This is my Romans vs Aliens novel

And, of course, preparing for Christmas. I have lots of lovely Christmas-themed blog posts coming up too. Stay tuned 🙂


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