How Do You Like Your Zombies?

Yes, it’s release day for Dead Lock my follow-up novella to horror-comedy Dead Heat. I’m so excited to see what people think and can’t believe Dead Heat has been out some 2.5 years already! It won’t be long until my next release (I hope). One way or the other, Salmonweird will get released. But for now, let the zombies take centre stage.

Do you prefer your zombies with a side order of humour and pop culture references or with a side of blood and guts? Not all zombie stories are created equal. That’s why I am giving you a choice:

  • A bromantic zombie horror comedy in the form of Dead Heat or
  • A dystopian horror thriller in the form of Dead Lock

Both stories feature the same characters on the same island with the same goal – to escape zombies. There is no obligation to read both but the intention is that the reader feels that both stories (which are alternate universe versions of each other) will enrich the overall narrative.

For further details about Dead Lock
and it’s companion novella Dead Heat,
visit the dedicated page here.

Praise for Dead Lock

If you could see your story in a mirror, what would it look like? Imagine the same people on the same island in a different time and place. Three strangers, not three friends. Where what is a blossoming romance in one world is a long-since finished relationship in another.

In this alternate world, Mortwich Island is not a leisure facility where actors dressed as zombies chase people on corporate team building days to improve their morale. It is not where couples get married against a beautiful coastline or where the local cricket club practice.

It is a maximum security prison linked to the mainland by a single heavily-fortified bridge, high cliffs, even higher walls and hundreds of zombies outside the prison gates.

In this world, Mortwich Island is a prison from which there is no escape. An island where “parole” means you run in the “Dead Lock”. Released prisoners are given a chance of freedom to cross a zombie-infested island to reach the sanctuary of the mainland in the totalitarian Britain that lies beyond.

It is a world where the trust between friends becomes the mistrust of strangers, knowing that not everybody incarcerated by a dictatorship is innocent. Is your companion one of the many imprisoned political opponents of the government, or is he a mass murderer?

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