Announcing the Opening of my Red Bubble Shop!

I said I would branch out into photography and I have. In July, I opened my Alamy page of stock photos. I have around 80 images up at the moment and eagerly awaiting my first sale. The second phase of my photography services is now underway. Over the weekend, I opened a page at a site called Red Bubble. Through Red Bubble,you are able to purchase a variety of products including photo prints, printed mugs and travel mugs, bedding and even clothing. Click the image below to go to the site.

There are just a handful of designs at present, including the honeybee on the flower that I’m currently using as my header image. You’ll find as you click onto the site that some images are available on some products while others are not. The reason for that is the image size and resolution. The image simply must be big enough to fit on the product with a decent quality. DSLR images are uploaded at 6000x4000pix and 300dpi. Mobile phone images are around 5000x3500px at around 70dpi so I simply must be careful at which products are available.

Please take a look for a unique Christmas gift experience! If you have seen any images on my site previously that you’d like to see on a product, please do add a message here. I have thousands of photos to sift through and if any interest you in particular, I can prioritise uploading it.


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