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The Christmas Goblin is Out Now!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce to you the release of my latest ebook, a short(ish) Christmas children’s story. I’ve discussed it briefly through the blog through the late summer and early autumn but not yet put a release date on it. Now, I can finally reveal that this story called The Christmas Goblin. Today is the release date!

During a regular bout of spring insomnia earlier this year, a flea I had in my ear for many years about two children in their room on Christmas Eve, on a planet far away. Back then, it was going to be a kid’s story about Krampus. Sadly, two or three films cane out after that, mostly horror films most definitely not aimed at children, and I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon. I wanted to do something original. The Christmas Goblin is the evolved form of that story. Here is a sample.

‘Hey, little boy,’ came a small and squeaky voice.

Stefan stopped. It sounded as if it had come from the rock and he turned around to look at it.

‘Yes, you, little boy,’ came the voice again. He couldn’t work out if it was the voice of a little girl or an old man. It sounded like both which Stefan couldn’t understand.

Stefan walked up to the rock and touched it. ‘Hello Mister Rock, are you talking to me?’

‘If the rock was talking to you,’ said the voice, ‘it wouldn’t sound like me. It would be more like-’ the voice paused, ‘Urggh, ug ah, gruh arg. Except I can’t make a sound deep enough. I think you get the idea.’

Stefan laughed. ‘If you’re not the rock, who are you?’

‘Little boy, look up!’

‘My name is Stefan!’ he almost shouted.

‘Stefan, I’m sorry,’ the voice said, ‘but look up. Then you will see me.’

Stefan looked up but couldn’t see anything.

‘Ah, you’re a bit small, so you should take a step back.’

Stefan took a step back but still couldn’t see anyone.

‘Try another step. You’re smaller than I first thought.’

He took a second step back.

‘Are you a dwarf or a pixie or something? You look human but I’ve never met a human as small as you. Take another step back.’

Feeling a little cross, Stefan stepped back again. ‘A dwarf or pixie?!’ he said. ‘No, I’m a boy – a human boy!’ Stefan still couldn’t see anyone, so he took a fourth step backwards knowing that the voice would ask him to do it again.

And then Stefan saw him, her, it on top of the rock, sitting quite comfortably. It had wrinkly skin like an old man, but it was green. It was also smaller than Stefan, much smaller and it made Stefan extremely cross that this small green thing had asked Stefan if he was a pixie.

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