Professional Services

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If you wish to discuss hiring me for a project, please contact me by the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Skype: mgmason.freelancer
  • Mobile: 07967 834701

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  • Proofreading: offering light or heavy editing. Light editing focuses on spelling, grammar and syntax only. Heavy editing edits for tone, voice and adapts the style for the audience
  • Web Content: Landing pages, FAQ pages, blog posts, keyword-rich web content and any other web content
  • Brochure or Marketing Material Content: For your printed media.
  • Advertising wording only. I do not design advertising media such as pamphlets.

What I won’t do

I have a Master’s Degree from a Russell Group University. While I offer an editing and advisory service for your academic work, I do not and will not write essays for you. Neither will I write anything that is illegal in my or your country including hate speech or anything of a seditious nature.

Terms and Conditions

Last update: August 2015

These Terms and Conditions clarify the duties of MG Mason Creative Services (the contractor) to you (the client). Work will commence once the client has read and agreed to these terms and conditions.


  1. Agreement of contract will be taken in writing only. This can be a purchase order or an email in which the details of work and price for the job are agreed by the contractor and the client
  2. The estimate of cost for work is not binding
  3. The total actual cost will not be confirmed until we have received a full explanation and have verified the work. If any work is longer than expected (for example, the client asks us to proofread a 1000 word document and the document length is closer to 2000 words), estimate will be subject to revision
  4. The agreed price will be for the work agreed at the time of commencement of contract. Any additional work requested beyond reasonable alterations will be subject to extra cost
  5. I will endeavour to correct any errors in spelling, grammar and syntax promptly.Alterations are unlimited unless otherwise agreed
  6. Once payment has been made, it is understood by the contractor that the client is satisfied with the quality of work and the contract complete. Further requests for alteration after payment is made may be subject to further fees

Payment Terms

  1. Unless otherwise negotiated, the standard rate for MG Mason Creative Services are as follows:
  • £4.00 per 100 words for writing original content.
  • Proofreading is charged at an hourly rate of £20. Be advised that a deep line edit will take longer than a light edit for grammar and spelling

Note: You will note that Upwork costs are higher. This is because freelancers pay a 20% commission to the platform.

  • Rewriting/rewording for SEO uniqueness will be charged at an hourly rate of £20. MG Mason Creative Services will give an estimate on time taken for each piece of work
  • For clients not based in the UK, invoices will be charged at your local currency based on the conversion rate on the day of compiling the invoice. The daily rate will be taken from
  1. Unless other wise agreed, invoice will be sent once the client has confirmed that they are happy with the work sent, or once 48 hours has passed since a draft was sent and the client has failed to respond in that time (exceptions will be made if the client forewarns us of absence)
  2. Payment should be made to the specified bank account within 30 days of invoice delivery
  3. I do accept PayPal but if you choose to pay this way, your invoice may be subject to a 3.4% surcharge plus £0.20 to cover the PayPal administration cost
  4. MG Mason Creative Services owns the rights to all works produced until payment is made
  5. Only when payment is made is your company granted license to use the content within the current understanding of UK and international law on copyright. These Terms & Conditions, along with confirmation of receipt of payment, will serve as the License to use the content

Termination of Contract

The notice required for termination is 7 calendar days. Any work presently undertaken will be completed in this time and chargeable at normal rates. MG Mason Creative Services will endeavour to complete all outstanding work within this time frame unless otherwise agreed. Incomplete work will be turned over to the client for use and the client is expected to make payment at normal rates.