Essential Android Apps for Galaxy Note Owning Freelancers

I’ve had my Galaxy Note 4 for some two years now and I’m due an upgrade next month. I trawled through my choices earlier this week and I’m distinctly unimpressed. Aside from an eye-wateringly expensive Galaxy Note 8, no other phone appeals to me. The 8 is way above what I’m willing to pay, even if I’m able to claim against expenses. Continue reading “Essential Android Apps for Galaxy Note Owning Freelancers”


Introducing the Gladiators of My Current WIP

Now I’m in the process of seeking an agent or publishers for my Cornish supernatural crime comedy caper Salmonweird, I return to my other unfinished work Children of Phobetor. Until quite recently, this was known as simply Romans Vs Aliens but that was never going to be its actual title. It’s been slow moving because I want to get it largely factually correct. Having an archaeology degree tends to make one anal about these sorts of things. Continue reading “Introducing the Gladiators of My Current WIP”

Five Ways You Can Help Your Freelancer to Help You

Have you just hired your first freelancer? It doesn’t matter whether they are a writer, cover artist, web developer or ad marketer. There are some universal expectations that your freelancer will expect. In order to deliver a successful project, they will need you to help them to help you. Here is how you do it. Continue reading “Five Ways You Can Help Your Freelancer to Help You”

I Don’t Care How Offended You Are, We Need Academic Freedom

Forgive me, but this is one of my rare political rants. But it’s related to writing because words have power. They can collapse governments (intentionally or otherwise), destroy a career or leave one subject to ridicule. They impart knowledge and opinions and help people discuss and see differences. There are few places where words have more power than in academia. Yet the world of science and discussion, the pinnacle of freedom of thought and belief, is under attack from both left and right. Continue reading “I Don’t Care How Offended You Are, We Need Academic Freedom”

How Do You Like Your Zombies?

Yes, it’s release day for Dead Lock my follow-up novella to horror-comedy Dead Heat. I’m so excited to see what people think and can’t believe Dead Heat has been out some 2.5 years already! It won’t be long until my next release (I hope). One way or the other, Salmonweird will get released. But for now, let the zombies take centre stage.

Continue reading “How Do You Like Your Zombies?”

Why Has my Freelancer Suddenly Stopped Responding?

Every so often, I’ll work with a new client who will tell me something like “I used to work with somebody else, but they stopped responding to my emails”. I try not to pre-judge but I tend to build a picture quite quickly about why they simply stopped responding. Sometimes it appears to be the fault of the freelancer but more often than not it’s something the client has done. Continue reading “Why Has my Freelancer Suddenly Stopped Responding?”