Fear!!!! Why Do We Love It So Much?

What is it about horror that fascinates us? What is it about being scared that is like a drug? For many Brits of a certain age, that fear began young: cowering behind the sofa at the appearance of the Daleks or the Cybermen on Doctor Who. Children seem to love being scared and my childhood memories of television are littered with terrifying programmes such as Children of the Stones, Under the Mountain, The Tripods, Dramarama (some were spooky) and countless others who titles I can’t remember but have images of events that took place. Continue reading “Fear!!!! Why Do We Love It So Much?”

Three Fantasy Novels Everyone Should Read

(That are not Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones)

Not, of course, that I don’t or wouldn’t recommend reading them! I just think it would be the lazy choice to include one or all of them. Readers of my blog know that I am very fussy about fantasy. LOTR and Game of Thrones filled me with indifference but I do love Harry Potter. What puts me off fantasy the most is seeing rainforest-murdering tomes with a caption on the back “Book One of this Exciting 40 book series!”
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The Language of Politics: When Sh*t Doesn’t Stick (The Corybn Election Earthquake)

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not a Labour member, supporter or voter. I have not voted Labour in a General Election since 1997 when Tony Blair came to power. Most elections, I have flitted between Lib-Dem and Green; this year I became a member of the Green Party of England and Wales but feel a Lib-Dem at heart. Continue reading “The Language of Politics: When Sh*t Doesn’t Stick (The Corybn Election Earthquake)”

Tax Exempt – but Here, Jump Through These Flaming Hoops To Get It

Today, I have mostly spent my day trying to sort out my tax exempt status for Smashwords where I recently put up Dead Heat. The UK is one of those countries to have a tax treaty with the USA – meaning self-published authors like myself can apply for tax exempt status from our American cousins and claim all of the cut from our sales. Hurrah!
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Book Review: Far Side of the Rubicon by Erik Wecks

I can’t believe it has taken me a year to read this seeing as the writer once described me as “one of his favourite review bloggers” or words to that effect. I’ve read four of his works to date, and I was very keen to read this, part one of a trilogy set in the same universe as his first book Aetna Adrift and following on in a roundabout sort of way, from the previous book. Continue reading “Book Review: Far Side of the Rubicon by Erik Wecks”

Marlborough Literature Festival 2015

Who doesn’t love a good literature festival? For bookworms and writers like you and I, they can be a great way to meet some of our favourite writers, hear snippets of upcoming works and get to ask them questions. They’re also an opportunity to attend writing masterclasses and get tips from leading writers. Continue reading “Marlborough Literature Festival 2015”