Cost Saving Tips for your Home Office

As any freelancer or work-from-home professional knows, you need to do all you can to maximise your profits and minimise your bills. Freelancing is precarious; you don’t want all of your revenue going on costs and not be able to afford to eat! Most of us don’t realise that there are measures we can take to reduce our costs through our home office environment. Continue reading “Cost Saving Tips for your Home Office”

Book Review: Fighting Back by Frank Bruno

Broo-no, Broo-no! People of a certain age will remember that chant, probably even shouted it at the television on more than one occasion. Frank Bruno is an icon of British sport – well-known and adored by millions around the globe. Even the American audience chanted his name on home turf against one of their own (Mike Tyson). This is the story of “Big Frank” in his words. Continue reading “Book Review: Fighting Back by Frank Bruno”

How To Keep Skype Consultations to a Minimum

A quick show of hands, please. How many of you have a heart-sink moment when you hear how a client just want to have another “quick” chat when the chats are anything but quick? How many of you have had clients for whom Skype chats over an hour long are a weekly occurrence, sometimes twice per week? It’s frustrating, I know, because they want to go over every tiny detail but won’t pay you for that time. Continue reading “How To Keep Skype Consultations to a Minimum”

The Power of Words: The Role of Media in British Elections

Well, well, well. Who predicted that one then? I must admit, it was the best that any of us with left-leaning politics or sympathies could have hoped for under the circumstances. Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May had a healthy lead in the polls when she called the election. The lead crumbled spectacularly over the next 6-7 weeks, resulting in a hung parliament with the Conservatives on the most seats. Continue reading “The Power of Words: The Role of Media in British Elections”

Soundtrack to a Genre #1: “Beyond the Sea”

This may be part of a series or it may just end here if I don’t come up with any more. As sci-fi, fantasy and horror fans, do you notice when some songs turn up again and again in the genre? I guess I do otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post. None has stuck in my mind more than Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea (or other versions of it) where I have experienced it no less than three times in speculative fiction. Wikipedia lists more instances than that but I’ll discuss my own experiences. Continue reading “Soundtrack to a Genre #1: “Beyond the Sea””

The Power of Words: Best and Worst Political Slogans

Words are powerful. I’ve written on the subject of political oratory repeatedly. Two years ago, I discussed my discomfort with the media’s character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn being “unelectable”, for example, and in the run-up to the General Election in 2015, I listed some common politician stock phrases. Here, I want to discuss election campaign slogans. A slogan may not necessarily make or break a campaign, but they can be a powerful motivator when handled properly. Continue reading “The Power of Words: Best and Worst Political Slogans”

Book Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

This is the sequel that most King fans have awaited for years – a follow-up to the events of one of his most iconic and best-loved books. Set several decades after the events at the Overlook Hotel, Daniel Torrence is now in his 30s and desperately trying to escape his haunted past. Yet he has never been able to do so. He still sees the woman in the bathtub and some of the other ghosts from the long-gone hotel. Continue reading “Book Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King”

I’m Considering Vlog Readings for Book Promotion

Earlier this week I uploaded two videos to my new YouTube channel. There isn’t much there at the moment, just two clips in fact. The first is of a very noisy otter at Otters & Butterflies in South Devon. The second is a steam train coming into Buckfastleigh Station, also in South Devon. I embedded the second video in my review (see previous link). Continue reading “I’m Considering Vlog Readings for Book Promotion”