Attention: Work From Home People in Cornwall!

Are you self-employed, work from home or other remote worker based in west Cornwall (specifically Falmouth and Penryn area)? Are you fed up with working alone with only your four walls for company? Why not come along to Cornwall’s newest Jelly event? Continue reading “Attention: Work From Home People in Cornwall!”


Why the “Black Mirror” Craze Is Here to Stay

And so another season of Charlie Brooker’s sometimes disturbing, social commentary-heavy series comes to an end. It is now at the end of it’s fourth and in this age of books on the screen, and the world seemingly exhausted of one episode, one story style of television, Black Mirror remains the flag bearer once held by The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone.
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Preparing For Your Christmas Break as a Freelancer

Welcome to a new year. By now, whether you are a freelancer or work in a “proper job” as some people insist on calling them, you are most likely back at work. Being a freelancer means you get to control your own holiday schedule time at any time of the year. Work doesn’t tend to stack up unless you are working on one long continuous project which makes the January return to work all the easier. Continue reading “Preparing For Your Christmas Break as a Freelancer”

Doctor Who is Flexible but These Characteristics are Non-Negotiable

A warm welcome to Jodie Whittaker to the TARDIS console. Some time in 2018, the show will accept the first woman to play the iconic role. When we push aside the debate about gender – because it has clearly divided everyone – Doctor  Who is about change. For 54 years it has remained true to itself while undergoing a lot of change. There are things that fans will not negotiate though.

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What Have the Victorians Ever Done For Christmas?!

Quite a lot, actually. In fact, we could say that modern Christmas is almost entirely the invention of these stoic death-obsessed ancestors. The Tudors, our medieval and Roman ancestors certainly had their part to play, the festive season wouldn’t be what it is without the Victorian pioneers, particularly Prince Albert and Charles Dickens. Continue reading “What Have the Victorians Ever Done For Christmas?!”

Book Review: Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch

How long has it taken me to getting around to reading this when I absolutely loved the first two Rivers of London and Moon Over Soho? Too long, but I got there in the end. This is the third book in Ben Aaronovitch’s wonderfully hilarious urban fantasy Rivers of London series and it takes us, quite naturally, into the London Underground. Continue reading “Book Review: Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch”

English Bill of Rights Day: Did You Know We Had One?

16th December is the 328th birthday of The English Bill of Rights, or to give it the full title The Bill of Rights 1689. It was not the first document of its kind to set down rights for citizens/subjects, hell it isn’t even the first in England (that honour goes to Magna Carta which sets down some inalienable rights we still have today). It is, however, vitally important in the formation of our modern political system. Continue reading “English Bill of Rights Day: Did You Know We Had One?”

Another New Laptop. This one with SSD

It barely seems yesterday I was excited about the Hewlett Packard laptop I bought right about the time my work level picked up. The previous Samsung I had was four years old and on the verge of death (quite literally, a subsequent attempt at a disk scrub revealed a critical hard disk failure). In fact, that HP purchases was nearly three years ago. Continue reading “Another New Laptop. This one with SSD”

In Defence of Ad-Blockers: A Freelancer Writer’s Perspective

If there is one internet debate that will never go away, it’s the one about ad-blockers. I recently purchased a new laptop. I’m incredibly pleased with it. It has a Solid State Drive which I feel has already been an immense improvement on my daily productivity (more on SSDs in another post though). Continue reading “In Defence of Ad-Blockers: A Freelancer Writer’s Perspective”

Comparing my Zombie Novellas Dead Heat and Dead Lock

The main thing I was trying to achieve when writing Dead Lock was to present several similar scenarios from Dead Heat with very different outcomes. Some of these are major plot points but this dynamic was also present in the smaller interactions between the characters. One of my favourite scenes was the moment Jim tried to goad Kate into killing a zombie. Continue reading “Comparing my Zombie Novellas Dead Heat and Dead Lock”