how to renegotiate rates as a freelancer

Tips for Negotiating a Rate Increase – Or Quitting a Contract

Undoubtedly, anybody who enters this game of freelance content writing will go through many changes. In the beginning, you’ll be on call and ready to answer an email at the drop of a hat. You would probably have taken any job within reason to get your name out there and for some precious income. Continue reading “Tips for Negotiating a Rate Increase – Or Quitting a Contract”

I’ve Submitted Salmonweird to Unbound

There, I did it. I didn’t expect to submit anything so soon, so early but I went and did it anyway. Anybody who follows my Facebook Page will have seen my announcement midweek, but I wanted to save writing a full blog post about it for the weekend. After getting positive feedback from three beta readers (who I specifically asked to tear to shreds if warranted) found little to complain about. Continue reading “I’ve Submitted Salmonweird to Unbound”

Why You Must Not Cut Corners on your Business Blog

The majority of my clients of the last four years realise the importance of a quality business blog. Most understand the increasing need for quality content. As the search engines (especially Google) further refine their algorithms, that is only going to get more important. Why? Because with social media, how much and how often your customers interact with your blog suggests its quality.  Continue reading “Why You Must Not Cut Corners on your Business Blog”

people don't read articles before sharing

Most People Don’t Read Articles They Share on Social Media

It’s been suspected for many years, but it’s recently been confirmed that most people don’t even read articles they share on social media before they share them. The headline is the all-powerful attention grabber but now they are so attention-grabbing that people just share. Have we become so entrenched in our echo chambers? Do we just see a headline we agree with and just auto-share? Continue reading “Most People Don’t Read Articles They Share on Social Media”

Book Review: Deck Z by Chris Pauls & Matt Solomon

What happened to the “unsinkable” RMS Titanic? Did it strike an iceberg and sink in the early hours of 15th April 1912? Did it actually go down in history as the worst maritime disaster ever? Yes, we know this is the case. But what happened in the hours leading up to that fateful night. Some say the official events don’t match up to what really happened. Continue reading “Book Review: Deck Z by Chris Pauls & Matt Solomon”

when to give a client discount

When Should a Freelancer Consider Giving Discount?

Freelancing in any service requires that you wear many hats. In the creative industries, one of the most common hats you’ll require is that of United Nations Negotiator. You’ll regularly find clients who will ask for some discount. Just as your remit is to get the best deal you can for your work, their role is to do the same for their business. I would never say “don’t ever give a discount!” but you should define clear rules for yourself on when you should and should not. Here is mine. Continue reading “When Should a Freelancer Consider Giving Discount?”

Lorna Doone and the Sense of Place: Exmoor Coast

I’ve written about the importance of sense of place in fiction several times already. How you define your urban spaces, rural places and inspirational areas can create a vivid image in the mind of the reader. It can really help to absorb the reader into the book. I am presently reading Lorna Doone – a book set in a place I know very well and one I have come to adore: Exmoor. Continue reading “Lorna Doone and the Sense of Place: Exmoor Coast”

burn out gets most of us in the end

How To Avoid Burnout as a Freelance Content Writer

Sooner or later, it happens. The brain shuts down and you can’t do anything – not literally of course. You’re still capable of doing stuff but you brain resists any attempt at doing any more work for which you expect to get paid. There are many lessons to learn as a new freelancer and attitudes you need to change, but dealing with burn-out when snowed under with work is one of them. Continue reading “How To Avoid Burnout as a Freelance Content Writer”

Why Regional Food Culture Matters in Your Fiction

Food, glorious, food. Who doesn’t like it? We need to eat to survive but there is so much more to food than mere sustenance. I started writing about food on this blog when researching for my Romans vs Aliens novel (preliminary title: Children of Phobetor). The article on Roman street food remains rather popular. I also wrote several seasonal articles on food at Christmas. Continue reading “Why Regional Food Culture Matters in Your Fiction”