Five Questions To Ask A Freelance Content Writer Before Hiring

Welcome back to a new year of blog posts about freelancing. In this series, I offer advice to both potential clients wanting to hire, and to new freelancers taking their first tentative steps into this brave new world of self-employment. As a client looking to outsource your content writing needs, you’re probably full of questions when it’s somebody you’ve never worked with before now. How do you approach it? What to ask? Continue reading “Five Questions To Ask A Freelance Content Writer Before Hiring”

Book Review: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman

I largely feel indifferent to novelisations and TV / film tie in books. It is not very often that my disappointment with this type of book is challenged though. I think I said as much when I reviewed the Bioshock tie in last month. I bought this one several years ago, probably around the time this character was on The Walking Dead. Could this book prove my prejudices wrong?

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Why Freelancers NEED To Take Time Off

Welcome to another New Year! I hope 2017 turns out to be better than your 2016 whether it was good or bad. 2016 was certainly a year of changes. we had two political shocks. First, The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU and Donald Trump won a shock Presidential election. Post-truth became OED’s Word of the Year. and we lost countless celebrities. Continue reading “Why Freelancers NEED To Take Time Off”

Angel’s Mass: A Ghost Story for Christmas

2681be80-5e9c-4465-9f72-6d90bc6f0b77Below is an excerpt from my Christmas ghost story Angel’s Mass from the volume Herrenvolk and Other Stories. It is 1345 and the story is of young Brother Edmund of Tintern Abbey (south Wales) woken in the early hours of Christmas Eve by a ghostly voice calling him to the newly built church. What is the nature of the ghost? And what does it want with Brother Edmund? Find out in Herrenvolk and Other Stories, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

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A modern five bird roast. Copyright MG Mason 2016

Have Yourself a Tudor Little Christmas – All About Tudor Food

Following on from my hugely popular Saturnalia and medieval Christmas posts of recent years (both of which followed on from a post on Roman Street Food), I’m jumping forward again. This time, we go to those flamboyant and merry Tudors. Although we in England tend to associate Christmas with the Victorians, the Tudors certainly knew how to do it in style. Some of our most famous traditions come from the Tudors and not from the Victorians. Continue reading “Have Yourself a Tudor Little Christmas – All About Tudor Food”

Book Review: Bioshock Rapture by John Shirley

Having recently replayed all of the Bioshock games (including the DLCs I never played before), Amazon recommended me this – an official novelisation of the early years of the city where the first two games (and both DLCs) are based. I’ve generally been mistrusting of this type of book, feeling they often lack the depth of other books. This one has some very good reviews so I took the plunge. Continue reading “Book Review: Bioshock Rapture by John Shirley”

Copyright MG Mason: heathland near Petersfield, approx Jan 2013

Tips for Working Smarter as a Freelancer – Winter Edition

It’s beginning to look a lot like… snow, wind, cold and rain moving sideways. Christmas may be just around the corner, but it’s easy to forget just how bad the weather can be here in the northern hemisphere at this time of year. It’s easy to put the heating on, sit down with a hot beverage and write away and think no more of it – or is it? Continue reading “Tips for Working Smarter as a Freelancer – Winter Edition”

Media and the Manufactured “War on Christmas”

I am no great fan of modern media. I have been intensely critical in previous posts, particularly on science reporting. This time of year, one particular story breaks on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s a contrived non-story designed to stir up fear with headlines like “Christmas is Banned”.

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The Explosive Opening to “Dead Lock” (Dead Heat Follow Up)

Just a few days have passed since I completed the first draft of Salmonweird. But the muse has definitely taken resident in my brain for a few weeks. I don’t think she will be going anywhere for the time being. On Sunday, I spent some time finally working on Dead Lock, my companion piece for horror-comedy Dead Heat. Continue reading “The Explosive Opening to “Dead Lock” (Dead Heat Follow Up)”