How To Come Up With Effective Upwork Tailored Questions

Upwork can be a great resource for connecting clients and contractors. While there is certainly a lot of rubbish (on both sides), I will not knock it as it’s where I found the majority of my present clients. The good and bad clients are relatively easy to identify. There is one area where most organisations and people listing jobs fall down – the tailored questions section of the job listing.

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The Non-Paid Work Freelancers Need To Schedule

Freelancing is great, isn’t it? You get paid for the amount of work you do, not a salary. This could lead to a great and fruitful career, but it can also lead to stress when you don’t have much work. Whether you’re busy or quiet, freelancers tend to forget some tasks during their working week – essential non-paid tasks. Continue reading “The Non-Paid Work Freelancers Need To Schedule”

Book Review: Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan

It’s around 18 months since I completed another book on North Korea – Nothing to Envy. I bought this around the same time. It’s one of the most famous accounts from anyone who lived inside the country and spent time at one of the many notorious gulags. Kang Chol-Hwan was just a boy when his sister, his parents and grandparents were taken to Yodok for 10 years of harrowing incarceration. Continue reading “Book Review: Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol-Hwan”

Do You Ever Imagine Actors/Actresses as Your Characters?

I’m sure most of us have wondered who would play the characters we create should any of our books ever become films. Few books ever do and I’m sure most of us realise that. However, it’s fun to speculate on who might play them should that eventuality ever come to pass. Sometimes though, I can’t help but imagine certain actors and actresses playing those characters to help me visualise the events and the story. Continue reading “Do You Ever Imagine Actors/Actresses as Your Characters?”

A Coming of Age Story Perfect for Spring

Despite that spring is my favourite season, it seems that I’ve written few stories set during the three months between the end of March and June. It’s a period that defines new life, a new start, new beginnings and people tend to be blessed with a certain air of positivity and relaxation. Spring for me means bees and cider (amongst other things!) What sort of a new beginnings can we explore in our fiction? Continue reading “A Coming of Age Story Perfect for Spring”

Book Review: Survivors by Terry Nation

This is the original book on which two BBC TV series were based. The first ran for three seasons between 1975-77. The second ran for two seasons between 2008-10 before being killed on a cliffhanger. Post-apocalyptic stories are nothing new and the idea behind it is one of the most enduring – a disease that wipes out 99.99% of the population. Continue reading “Book Review: Survivors by Terry Nation”

how to renegotiate rates as a freelancer

Tips for Negotiating a Rate Increase – Or Quitting a Contract

Undoubtedly, anybody who enters this game of freelance content writing will go through many changes. In the beginning, you’ll be on call and ready to answer an email at the drop of a hat. You would probably have taken any job within reason to get your name out there and for some precious income. Continue reading “Tips for Negotiating a Rate Increase – Or Quitting a Contract”