“I’m Not Watching Doctor Who Any Longer, It’s All Politically Correct Now!”

Many viewers now lament that Doctor Who has gone down the one route they felt should never have been considered. As discussed in the post on Jodie Whittaker’s casting as Doctor Who, I expressed sympathy with those against the move. I was never enamoured with the idea but now we have a woman in the lead role, I’m looking forward to seeing what she could do. Continue reading ““I’m Not Watching Doctor Who Any Longer, It’s All Politically Correct Now!””

how to choose a book title

How to Create a Book Title That Doesn’t Confuse the Reader

Last week in a Facebook book group I am in, a cover caught my eye and I enquired what the book was about. Both the title itself and the nature of the cover made it look like a fantasy or dystopia novel. Apparently, it was actually about a mother searching for her abducted son. Continue reading “How to Create a Book Title That Doesn’t Confuse the Reader”

Why You Shouldn’t Set Test Articles or “Exams” for Freelance Applicants

I don’t know what it is, but some clients don’t seem to trust the quality of applicants on Upwork that they feel the need to set tests or exams, sometimes (low) paid and sometimes requested for free (which is actually against the TOS). Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Set Test Articles or “Exams” for Freelance Applicants”

Book Review: The Quest for a Moral Compass by Kenan Malik

It’s taken me over three months to complete this book. Not because it is long, but because it is a book about one of the most important issues of human history. Like most non-fiction, you can’t fly through it; it requires deep thought and much soul-searching. No matter which angle you approach this from, no matter your belief, it requires no less than complete attention. I read a little each night, absorb it, and then move on to the next section/chapter. Continue reading “Book Review: The Quest for a Moral Compass by Kenan Malik”

More Films Better than the Book On Which They Are Based

Almost two years ago, I wrote a blog article on films that were better than the book on which they were based. In that time I’ve come up with several more. What do you think? Agree, disagree? Let me know in the comments about the following books.

There are spoilers ahead – you have been warned! Continue reading “More Films Better than the Book On Which They Are Based”

is my freelance pricing too cheap

Five Signs it’s Time to Put Your Freelance Prices Up

You may love being a freelancer. You may love the flexibility and work life balance. You may even love the actual work. Given the choice, nobody would do a job they hated. You should, however, never lose sight of the fact that you are a business. You should regularly review what you charge your clients. Here are five signs it’s time to review yours. Continue reading “Five Signs it’s Time to Put Your Freelance Prices Up”

Wrong Word Wednesday #73: Annex or Annexe?

I used to do these every week, but now I do them when I have to stop and think about whether I am using the right word or see people using them interchangeably or using one when they mean the other. It’s been 18 months since my last (!) This is one that, until a few days ago, I’d been doing this wrong all my life. Continue reading “Wrong Word Wednesday #73: Annex or Annexe?”

jobs to avoid on upwork

The Upwork Jobs You Should NEVER Take

Whichever way you look at Upwork, it’s either a boon for freelancers wanting quick access to work or it’s a pit of scammers and freeloaders. I won’t knock it; Upwork (and its precursors Elance and Odesk) are the reason I was able to make a career as a freelance content writer at all with no previous experience. That’s not to say it’s all unicorns and rainbows, but freelancers do need to keep their wits about them. Continue reading “The Upwork Jobs You Should NEVER Take”

My Thoughts on Jodie Whittaker as Doctor 13

So Doctor Who went and did it – they did the one thing they knew would divide fans of the show like nothing else. They decided to re-cast the main character as a woman. The reaction from both sides was fairly predictable. On one hand we had the pros who felt it was about time we had a woman. On the other, a large group of life-long fans (both men and women) who will now stop watching because the show has changed too much. Continue reading “My Thoughts on Jodie Whittaker as Doctor 13”

how to find and keep long-term clients as a freelancer

How Freelancers Can Maintain Long-Term Working Relationships with Clients

Long-term clients who come back to us month after month and year after year are like gold dust. I feel fortunate that I have so many with whom I’m working now four years after I started my freelance writing career. It amazes me sometimes when I hear how some freelancers simply give up working for clients after a while. It beggars belief. Continue reading “How Freelancers Can Maintain Long-Term Working Relationships with Clients”