Book Review: The House on Cold Hill by Peter James

I seem to be attracting requests for review for commercial work these days; that’s why I am reviewing this book several days before its official release. An interview with the author will follow so please check back.

Peter James is a well-known writer of crime and science thrillers, and though having looked up his bio it seems he has dabbled in the supernatural before, but nothing quite like this. Continue reading “Book Review: The House on Cold Hill by Peter James”

Something has Been Bothering Me About Shutter Island

This was one of my favourite films of 2010 – pretty much the year I changed my opinion of Leonardo Di Caprio for good. Having been “teenage girl bait” for many years, I know he had already done a few serious roles in which he’d received praise, but my opinion changed with this film and with Inception.
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Book Review: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Having seen the film starring Leonardo Di Caprio at least three times already, I knew what to expect from this thriller. I hoped knowing the end wouldn’t ruin my enjoyment of the text and that I could take something from it. After all, there is usually much more detail in the book than the film which in itself makes it worthwhile. Continue reading “Book Review: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane”

How Many Characters is Too Many?

How many characters should a book have? While some set down rules about how many primary and secondary characters you have, few books really adhere to this rule. Some very big sellers have enormous casts of characters. Ken Follett, Edward Rutherford and other writers of similar epics spring to mind. JK Rowling is another, try listing all the primary and secondary characters from Harry Potter and you might be surprised. Continue reading “How Many Characters is Too Many?”

Social Commentary in Science Fiction: Mockingjay

I know I have already written a post on The Hunger Games but here I want to write specifically about the final book/film where everything changes and the story is brought to a satisfactory conclusion (well, for some). Though it follows the same theme of celebrity culture, there are other elements that make this final chapter interesting in its own right. Continue reading “Social Commentary in Science Fiction: Mockingjay”

Autumn 2015 Goals

I know some of my regular readers partake in the  Top Ten Tuesday. I think it’s a great idea, but I have stopped shy of introducing the feature here because I’m concerned about getting sucked in a little too much when I have work to do. Sort of inspired by this week’s prompt, I’ve decided to compile a list of three goals for me to achieve before the Winter Solstice on 23rd December 2015. Continue reading “Autumn 2015 Goals”

Book Review: The Devil’s Acre by Matthew Plampin

I occasionally try to read out of my comfort zone. Granted, historical fiction is within my comfort zone but only when it’s a period or subject about which I know a lot or have a keen interest in. I can’t say I knew all that much about Samuel Colt when this book came into my possession, but the blurb sounded interesting, promising political intrigue in Victorian London during the period of the gang warfare in the 1850s on the eve of The Crimean War.
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