Book Reviews

Guidelines for Submission:

Jan 2015: No unsolicited submissions until further notice, Due to a number of changes in work and personal life, I simply do not have the time. Your submission will be deleted without consideration. You may notice I do still review self-published  works, but these are at my invitation only.

I welcome indie-published work so if you would like me to read and review your book, with a brief description and an approximate word count. When finished, your review will be posted here, at Good Reads and Amazon. As advised above, I am taking no submissions until further notice.

I have no interest in the following:

  • Religious literature – which includes New Age Spirituality, whether in fiction or non-fiction format
  • Self-help books – this includes New Age stuff like “The Secret”, PUA literature and other pseudo-psychology
  • Political – I have my views and you have yours. Whether I agree with you or not, this form of literature has no interest for me
  • Chic lit – anything where the primary focus is family bonds and romance
  • Erotica – I’m no prude, it’s that I have yet to find any erotic writing that I find even remotely interesting and I think I would get bored with the genre and its tropes very quickly
  • Misery-lit – it just isn’t for me. If you don’t know what it is, please click the link

Book reviews are sorted into sub-pages (underneath this page on the menu) by author surname first with a separate page for anthologies and collections.