Various Types of Game Domino Online Gambling

Playing online games is certainly very exciting to do. Because by using the internet network. You can connect with your friends in the same game. So the game will be much more fun to play. By playing online games, not only to find entertainment satisfaction. But also can produce genuine benefits.

As is the case with online domino cards that are at stake a lot. Just hypnotizing players with the acquisition of interesting ways to play. Therefore, this article will provide interesting information about the types of online domino games. In addition, you can also find several other advantages contained in this online domino card game.

Get to know the types of Domino card games online

Maybe you are all very familiar with the name of the domino. Because this game is pretty much favored by the general public. The hallmark of domino games is that the cards have a certain number of spheres. As a result or value on the card. So, if you want to determine the value of the card you have. Then you only need to add up the existing circles.

This online domino game is often played in relaxed time conditions. In addition to being more comfortable, you can also concentrate more on achieving victory. In this domino card game, can produce many types of games that can be easily played, namely:


This game prioritizes the value of card 9 as a winner because it is the highest value in the game. Up to 8 players can play aduQ. For players who win absolutely in their game bets. They will get the profit from the bets of 7 players who were defeated.


How to play the same as aduQ, only in this bandarQ game has a bookie. So, players only need to beat the bookie in order to win the game. If the player wins with a card value of 9, he will get a 2x profit from the bet placed.


Just like the name of the game, here also has a dealer who must be defeated by the player. In addition to being able to produce 2x the profits from the dealer. Players can also get huge benefits from the side bet feature. Where these features side bets that can only be done by fellow players.


In this game, players are required to produce a 99 card value in order to be declared a winner directly. The value of the card is generated from 2 pairs of cards and becomes the highest value in the game. In addition, players can get jackpot card benefits with the winning result reaching IDR 6,666,000


This game is very popular because it is a game that is quite favored by the public. In how to play, the player will have 7 cards and will discard 1 card per turn according to turn. Where the provisions in discarding cards are based on the last card that has a certain number of spheres.

Gaining the Benefits of Online Domino Card Games

Every player from an online domino card on the BandarQQ poker site can get a profit from a referral bonus that reaches 20%. The results of this profit you can get every day. With a calculation of 20% for 1 player who joins the game with your referral id code. Achieving the results of the benefits are not limited, so the more players you get, the greater the profits.

Apart from that, you can also get a 0.3% turnover bonus profit with weekly profit earned. By winning each type of game and getting bonus benefits, you can make a substantial profit.

Special Cards From QQ Domino Gambling Games

In this Domino Qiu-Qiu gambling game, it has several special cards. Among the special cards are:

~ 6 Dewa Card: where in this card, is the card that has the highest value in the Domino Qiu Qiu gambling game. The combination of cards that you can make with this 6 dewa card is rounding up to six on the four cards in the player’s hand.

Examples of cards are 4/2, 3/3, 1/5, 6/0.

~ Large Pure Cards: are cards that must have a serial value of between 39 and 43. This card is very easy for you to get when you are accessing this Domino Qiu Qiu gambling game. In the article, the card will be easily obtained randomly. Unlike the series of numbers on the 6 deity card earlier.

~ Twin / Balak Cards

This card is a card that is often obtained by the players. You can also see the combination you get from the Domino card series. The player can be said to get a log card. If the combination of cards in his hand has a twin value on each side of the circle.

The Function of the Special Card

The creation of this special card is not possible not together with a clear purpose. The main purpose of holding this special card is indeed to provide an absolute victory for your Domino gambling players. The arrangement of special cards if sorted from the 6 Dewa Card which has the highest value. Then the Balak card (can be defeated with a 6 dewa card) and a large pure card. Which can be won using 2 previous cards.

DominoQQ Online Games Are So Interesting and Profitable

Online dominoQQ card games are so popular that cards are considered very simple. In addition, dominoQQ has also been known for a long time by the people of Indonesia at large. It’s easy to find a group of Indonesian people who play online dominoQQ card games. Especially in the midst of large events such as weddings, circumcision and others.

Because the dominoQQ card game is quite entertaining. So it is very suitable to be played to fill spare time in the midst of a tight schedule of daily routines.

The presence of government regulations on the prohibition of all forms of gambling activities makes dominoQQ difficult to find. Because there is always a criminal threat for every dominoQQ gambling player. So that each player must keep his activities a secret to avoid arrest by the police.

From here the dominoQQ land game (directly) began to be abandoned. Many players prefer to play dominoQQ gambling online. Because it is considered far more safe and comfortable.

A dominoQQ online gambling player now doesn’t need to move from his seat just to play. He also did not have to bother to gather people and invited to play dominoQQ. Because a sophisticated system will set it automatically when you play online.

DominoQQ online is also far more profitable than landline/conventional. Therefore, it is natural that the popularity of this game continues to grow rapidly. Even now, the mobile version of dominoQQ has arrived. That is, a player only needs a Smartphone (HP) Android and iOS/iPhone to be able to play it.

The Advantages of Playing DominoQQ Online

Besides being safer, there are more benefits you will get later. Curious? What are the advantages of playing DominoQQ gambling online?


So when you join one of the officials and trusted online bandarQQ sites. Not only 1 type of game that can be played. But there are many variations of other game options offered. Among them: poker, mobile games, pocket, bookie66, and many more.

Even you can enjoy other types of gambling games. Such as Sportsbook (Gambling Ball), Live Casino, Shoot Fish, Slots, and there are still many thousands of other flash games. All games presented can also be enjoyed by using only 1 ID/account.


As a beginner, it’s natural if you are worried that you will encounter a problem. But not if you play dominoQQ online gambling. Because there is always satisfying service for 24 hours nonstop full day from a CS (Operator). Who is very professional and experienced.

The official and trusted online dominoQQ site always includes the full CS (Operator) contact number. Making it easier for you as a beginner to solve all the problems experienced.


When compared when playing gambling live dominoQQ (land). Playing dominoQQ gambling online also offers more attractive bonus promos. Interesting bonus promo deals here make a player much more profitable. Players can also continue to play despite experiencing a number of defeats thanks to the bonus promo offer.

Bonuses such as cashback, turn over referrals, new members, and much more. There is no single condition that burdens a member for the bonus claim process. Because indeed all bonus promos are really paid in full 100% or not just the lure.

DominoQQ Online The Simplest Card Gambling Game

DominoQQ card game is played by 2 – 4 players in 1 table game. Each player will receive a total of 4 cards in stages. The winner is the player with the highest card value.

The highest score in dominoQQ online games is 9 9 or Qiu Qiu. The game starts after the bettor places a bet in accordance with the table (room) that has been selected. Then, 3 cards will be dealt with at the beginning of the game. Players will get a chance to save the card. And make the choice to get the 4th card. Will it be RAISE, ALL-IN, or FOLD. After the 4th card is dealt, the player must divide the card into 2 different pairs.

Card value is the sum of the circles of each card. For example, Player A gets 4 cards with 0/0, 0/5, 1/5, and 1/6 values. This means that the value of the player’s card is (0 + 0) + (0 + 5) and (1 + 5) + (1 + 6) = 5 and 3. So if the card value exceeds 9, only the second digit or unit will be taken only.

So here, a domino pack containing 28 types of cards with different values ​​will be used. The value of the card here is based on the number of circles divided into 2 parts. The 28 cards are as follows!

Domino cards SERI-0 = 0/0, 0/1, 0/2, 0/3, 0/4, 0/5, and 0/6.

SERI-1 dominoes = 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, and 1/6.

SERI-2 dominoes = 2/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, and 2/6.

SERI-3 dominoes = 3/3, 3/4, 3/5, and 3/6.

SERI-4 dominoes = 4/4, 4/5, and 4/6.

SERI-5 dominoes = 5/5 and 5/6.

SERI-6 dominoes = 6/6.

DominoQQ Jackpot With Very Awesome Amounts

DominoQQ offers a number of awesome jackpots. The jackpot here applies a new system so it’s a little easier to win. This system is known as “Multiple Jackpot”.

The way to follow the “Multiple Jackpot” here is to buy a coupon at a specified price. The jackpot coupon price itself is very affordable, 100, 500, and one thousand rupiah. Especially for the price of a coupon of 2,000 and above can only be purchased when you play at a minimum VIP table or more.

Jackpot coupons themselves are not a requirement for players to buy. However, the more often purchased, the chance to win the jackpot is wide open. Because here, an online dominoQQ player must have a combination of SPECIAL cards. So that no single player knows when he is lucky and gets a combination of SPECIAL according to the provisions.

Below is a combination of SPECIAL cards that must be owned by the player. And the payment system that will be obtained!


The PURE SMALL combination will be obtained when the player has 4 dominoes. With a total value of less than 9. The payment system for the PURE SMALL SPECIAL combination here is 1: 50 of the jackpot coupon ticket selection.

For example: Players buy jackpot coupons worth Rp. 1,000 Then in that round, the player is lucky and gets a combination with PURE SMALL cards. This means that the extra payment obtained will be as much as 50 x one thousand = Rp. 50,000


PURE BIG Combination will be obtained when the player has 4 dominoes with a total value of more than 38. The payment system for the PURE BIG SPECIAL combination here is 1: 50 of the jackpot coupon ticket selection.

For example: Players buy jackpot coupons worth Rp. 1,000 Then in that round, the player is lucky and gets a combination of PURE BIG cards. This means that the extra payment obtained is 50 X 1,000 = Rp. 50,000

  • 4 BALAK

A combination of 4 BALAK will be obtained when a player has 4 dominoes. With the same or the total value of each BLOCK. The payment system for a combination of SPECIAL 4 BALAK here is 1: 100 from the choice of jackpot coupon tickets.

For example, Players buy jackpot coupons worth Rp. 1,000. Then in that round, the player is lucky and gets a combination of 4 BALAK cards. This means that the extra payment obtained is 100 X 1,000 = Rp. 100,000

  • 6 DEWA

The combination of 6 DEWA will be obtained when the player has 4 dominoes. With a value of 6 rounds each. In a pack of dominoes, there are only 4 cards with a value of 6. Namely 4-2, 3-3, 0-6, and 1-5. The payment system for the combination of SPECIAL 6 DEWA here is 1: 6,666 from the choice of jackpot coupon tickets.

For example, Players buy jackpot coupons worth Rp. 1,000. Then in that round, the player is lucky and gets a combination of 6 GOD. This means that extra payment will be obtained at 6,666 x 1,000 = Rp. 6,666,000.

Of course, there are many other great advantages that you will later get through online dominoQQ gambling. Not surprisingly, many people consider it the most profitable game. So that more and more bettors who choose to play dominoQQ online compared to other gambling.