TV Adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s “The Last Kingdom” Starts Tonight

Fans of Bernard Cornwell will be delighted to know that the TV adaptation of The Last Kingdom starts tonight. Set during the reign of Alfred The Great, it’s lead character is a Northumbrian who loses his castle of Bebbanburg (Bamburgh Castle) in a Viking attack.
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Marlborough Literature Festival 2015

Who doesn’t love a good literature festival? For bookworms and writers like you and I, they can be a great way to meet some of our favourite writers, hear snippets of upcoming works and get to ask them questions. They’re also an opportunity to attend writing masterclasses and get tips from leading writers. Continue reading “Marlborough Literature Festival 2015”

Assassins Creed Movie Scheduled for Christmas 2016

It has been touted for several years, but finally it seems that the ball is rolling on the Assassins Creed film. Due for release at Christmas 2016, it will star big names Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Can it break the curse of the “video games adapted for film are generally shit” (with one or two exceptions?) Continue reading “Assassins Creed Movie Scheduled for Christmas 2016”

The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript

For the linguists and theoretical code geeks (are there such people?) around here, the mysterious Voynich Manuscript has always baffled language experts and code breakers since it came to light a century ago. Dating to the middle ages, it is a bizarre compilation of strange language, what appears to be herbal medicine recipes, illustrations of plants that nobody can identify and a strange code that nobody can identify a cipher for. Continue reading “The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript”

“Facebook English” Becomes Official Language

The UN officially declared today “Facebook English” as an internationally recognised language; it will be afforded all protection rights and legal benefits. Microsoft is already making plans to release future versions of Office with a “Facebook English” option. Facebook English means the following changes apply: Continue reading ““Facebook English” Becomes Official Language”

Good Reads Gender Breakdown – My Thoughts

About a month ago, Goodreads published an infographic (I’ve posted it below) showing that men and women read largely their own gender. Roughly 95% of our reading material will be of an author who possesses the same genitals that we do. Though it threw up some interesting statistics (specifically that women are more likely to read new fiction), I feel there is so much more that could have been addressed. Continue reading “Good Reads Gender Breakdown – My Thoughts”

Frelling Yes! New Farscape Film on the Way?

Nerd scream alert, after some ten years since the original series was wrapped up with a fan-demanded mini series (The Peacekeeper Wars), it seems now that a new Farscape project is in the works. This is the first I have heard of it and I must confess to being absolutely delighted and hopeful that the universe of Peacekeepers, Luxans, Hynerians and Delvians is not lost to us forever. Continue reading “Frelling Yes! New Farscape Film on the Way?”

6th March is World Book Day – What About for Adults?

In a similar post a couple of years ago one of my commenters stated that she felt an event that calls itself World Book Day should be dedicated to literacy across all social divides and not limit itself to children. Though I think today’s event is great in encouraging children to pick up a book and switch off their consoles, I agree that adults are getting the raw deal here. Continue reading “6th March is World Book Day – What About for Adults?”