How You Can Support Independent Sellers This Christmas

Over the last few years, there has been a movement in retail trends imploring consumers to have an #IndieChristmas – buying Christmas presents from places other than big business and to prioritise independent sellers. For many of us, the go-to place is Amazon. I’m not going to call for you to boycott them for any … Continue reading How You Can Support Independent Sellers This Christmas

Useful Sites For Writers: Coffitivity for Combatting Procrastination

Distraction, distraction, distraction. Whether writing a novel, working on a piece for a client or simply trying to let the creative juices flowing, working from home is not that easy. Not everybody can do it. You have to be tough on yourself and make yourself work. Combatting procrastination is a daily struggle.

Don’t Be A Work From Home Hermit, Check Out a Jelly!

If you’ve worked from home for any length of time, you probably learnt very quickly that it’s a bit of a lonely existence. You will spend most of your time alone. You won’t have colleagues to chat to and you have no water cooler over which to gossip, proverbial or otherwise.

Useful Tool for Writers: Grammarly

Most people have already heard of this, one of the best spelling and grammar correction apps presently available on the web. I’ve used grammarbase and several others, but none of them are quite so easy to use as Grammarly. There are two options to the Grammarly service; a basic package is free, but there is … Continue reading Useful Tool for Writers: Grammarly

Essential Kindle Fire Apps for Writers

Remember a few years ago when I wrote features on BlackBerry apps, Android apps and NE White kindly followed up with some essential apps for iPhone users? Well, now I have had a Kindle Fire for six months I feel it is time to revisit the app store to give you some of the essentials … Continue reading Essential Kindle Fire Apps for Writers

Images and Copyright – Do I “Public Domain”?

Addendum: Amended to include sources┬ácourtesy of Daily Post How do you get people to come to your blog without promising free cake and then disappointing them a la Portal? You need a good headline for starters or people are not going to be enticed to read it. Most amusingly, that particular post proved my point … Continue reading Images and Copyright – Do I “Public Domain”?

Websites for writers: Powerthesaurus

What happens when you know what you want to say but the right word doesn’t come to mind? You need a thesaurus. There are many out there, a lot of glittery and some don’t stand up to quality checks. Basically – they have style but little substance. A couple of weeks ago I was sent … Continue reading Websites for writers: Powerthesaurus

British vs American Terms Ready Reckoner

Some of the complaints I’ve heard around the internet about Fifty Shades of Grey aside from its juvenile writing style, poor word use and repetition of phrases is how un-American it feels. This is a complaint made by American readers in that they are finding it difficult to believe that this is set in their … Continue reading British vs American Terms Ready Reckoner

Useful Website: Blablameter

Editing might be the bane of any writers life and it tests the patience of even the most veteran amongst us. Yet, it is a necessary evil to both develop our style and to create the most effective and efficient writing. You’ll probably need some help in that sometimes. An extra eye, an avid reader … Continue reading Useful Website: Blablameter

Site of the Week: Etymology Dictionary

Some dictionaries give you the meanings of words and how they work in context including examples in use, whether they are verbs, adjectives or can be used as both. I’m sure you get the idea on how they work but I’ll bet you’ve never seen a dictionary website quite like Online Etymology Dictionary. It does … Continue reading Site of the Week: Etymology Dictionary