Autumn 2015 Goals

I know some of my regular readers partake in the  Top Ten Tuesday. I think it’s a great idea, but I have stopped shy of introducing the feature here because I’m concerned about getting sucked in a little too much when I have work to do. Sort of inspired by this week’s prompt, I’ve decided to compile a list of three goals for me to achieve before the Winter Solstice on 23rd December 2015. Continue reading “Autumn 2015 Goals”

Did You Achieve Your 2014 Goals? My Review

Out of curiosity, I took a peek at my post for 2014 goals to see what I hoped to achieve for this year. With just two days to go, I’ve probably achieved just one, right? No… oh dear. This is what I said I would do:

  • Complete, or come close to completing, my novel set in 1st century Rome (unimaginatively and tentatively titled: Romans vs Aliens)
  • Enter a short story for the James White Award (competition deadline 31st Jan 2014)
  • Submit Dieu et mon Droit as many times as possible and make appropriate changes if advice is offered

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What’s Ahead in 2014 for Me

Happy New Year!

This isn’t really a “Resolutions” post… Okay, it is but I didn’t want to call it a list of Resolutions because I know how few people actually succeed at their intended goals! But the changes in my working life in the last few months means that I have had to give serious thought to how I am going to proceed in 2014 writing-wise. Continue reading “What’s Ahead in 2014 for Me”

If the door is open…

MG Mason:

So i have been working on my edit of Dieu Et Mon Droit all year and though it isn’t the literary equivalent of “in pieces across the garage floor” it has undergone many modifications. I put it to one side about a month ago. Time to pick it up again methinks to see if I can get it to Angry Robot before the end of the year.

Thanks to Nila E. White for bringing this to my attention.

Originally posted on N. E. White:

Does that mean I can come in?

In the case of Angry Robot – yes!

It is that time of year again, folks. Angry Robot, an up-and-coming publishing house located in the United Kingdom, is accepting unsolicited manuscripts from unagented* authors.

For those of you struggling to finish that adult science fiction/fantasy novel, here’s your chance! Some harried intern editor will read your novel and give it the same undivided attention as they would any other manuscript Angry Robot receives from agents, and, like, real authors.

Of course, based on past statistics, they’ll probably still reject it. The chances of being selected are pretty darn slim (less than 3% make it to serious consideration).

They are looking for brilliant work, folks, as well as stories that are not too similar to anything else they have already published or have in the pipeline.

But if you think you’ve got that…

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NaNoWriMo 2013

Yup, it’s nearly here again guys and as with every year I have no set plan about what I am going to do (though I have a good idea – more in a moment). I have been itching to write some fiction this last week and I can see how much this has stalled in recent months. I’ve been focussed on earning from writing for a living in the here and now (pah, who needs money?) and quite frankly I miss writing fiction. I’m not doing nearly enough of it at the moment. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo 2013”

Goals for the Next Six Months

I’ve already discussed that I want to enter the James White Award and though I initially said that I would enter 50% Match?, they story I initially entered into Arcfinity, I’ve had a change of heart. I’m sure I have discussed this before but a couple of years ago I started a short story about a young boy who keeps having strange waking dreams in which he sees himself dressed as a nobleman on a sailing ship. Each dream sequence gets weirder, making it quite clear that this isn’t from anywhere or any time on Earth. Continue reading “Goals for the Next Six Months”

Kindle Singles and “The Weight of Reason”

A highly ambitious move for me here but I have spent today editing The Weight of Reason, ensuring that it is polished as perfectly as possible, that I am as happy with it as I am ever going to be… that it cannot be improved any further.

Now I am happy with it. This really is the completed piece though admittedly it didn’t take much changing – edited to death as it has been over the last few years, firstly for The Writer’s of the Future competition and then with the intent of going into my ebook. Continue reading “Kindle Singles and “The Weight of Reason””

Writing Goals for 2013

A lot of people in the writing community on WordPress are doing this so I guess I should recap my successes for 2012 and state my goals for the year ahead.

This has been an interesting year. I started off deciding early on that I wanted to self-publish a collection of short stories and spent most of the year working on that. I decided to work around this I would play the various writing competitions available by ear. Continue reading “Writing Goals for 2013”

A tougher nut to crack – story 3

The third story I’m editing is A New Age Exodus.

A post-apocalyptic story set somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, it is about a small community of villages landlocked in the valleys between the mountains. They believe that they cannot leave the valleys due to a sickness that people in their distant past had brought back into the communities. Each village is ruled by a council of Elders and they worship the Goddess of the Mountains whom they believe protects them from sickness and demand they do not leave the valley. This is a problem for our protagonist (Kirsten), a restless 16 year old who wants nothing more than to see the world beyond and this leads her to clash with her father and some of her peers. Continue reading “A tougher nut to crack – story 3”