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I never thought photography would be anything other than a hobby for me. I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs of “things” particularly historical sites, buildings, and even landscapes.

My other half asked more than once if I’d ever considered trying it as a semi-pro or simply selling some of my photos. She wasn’t the first to ask and my answer was honest – no. I hadn’t. Like many people, it was about capturing a moment. But everywhere I went, I must admit, at least 3 or 4 would have made good quality prints. And so an idea was born in Spring 2018 when, stuck for birthday ideas, I asked family and friends for Amazon vouchers so I could buy my first proper camera.

I’m currently developing my photography skills and realise (and appreciate) I have a long way to go. I’ve always enjoyed landscapes, nature, and plants, but I’ve found a keen eye for close ups.

I recently signed up for Alamy through which I now sell stock photographs. I was so pleased they accepted my content while I still have a lot to learn but it means I am on the right path. In time, I expect to offer photographic prints too, although I am yet to decide which mediums. They may include Etsy or others, but for now, I am simply enjoying developing my skills and offering the best images for sale through Alamy.

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