Visual Art, Stock Photography and Design Products

I’ve been developing my photography skills since spring 2018. I took a DSLR course at a local college in January 2019 and in April 2019, started a course at the same college to learn Photoshop.

What’s become clear is that nature is my medium – whether it’s a broad sweeping shot of the Cornish landscape, rolling waves at sea, or a close up of a bee on a flower, it’s the great outdoors that draws me in. currently developing my photography skills through a combination of self-teaching and a college course (as at winter 2019).

My best and favourite images are available for download at Alamy and Twenty20. I also have a product page at Red Bubble where you can buy a items with some of my the most striking and visually appealing photographs. Please click the images below to visit my photography archives.


Stock photo site Alamy, a collection of millions of photos covering a wide range of subject matters. Click the image to visit my Alamy Portfolio.
Twenty20 is a hybrid of a social media site and stock photo resource. I use it for images that might struggle to pass Alamy’s strict technical requirements. Also, anything taken on my phone.
Red Bubble prints images onto a variety of products such as clothing, wall art, posters, bedding and laptop skins and sleeves.


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