Published Fiction

I’ve always loved writing fiction. Ideally, I’d like to give all this up and live off the proceeds of my fiction. But I realise that simply doesn’t happen for the majority of writers. In the meantime, I like to write and I will never stop writing fiction while I still have fingers and hands to write with. Even then I’m not sure that would stop me! You can find all my main works (Dead Heat and Dead Lock, The Christmas Goblin) have their own sub-pages under this main page.

Also with their own pages are internal links to flash fiction and my serial stories.

This page lists other works so it doesn’t look purely like filler 😀

Herrenvolk and Other Stories


A collection of short stories bringing together 15 years of an amateur writing career. Ten stories, eight of which appeared on the Elfwood website, one of which was once voted amongst the best within the Wyverns library. Inside you will find:

  • A trilogy, set over a 100 year period, about Nazi Supersoldiers
  • A short and intense tale of a vital medical procedure with a bizarre twist
  • The final confession of a man on death row whose killing spree was not quite what it seemed
  • A medieval ghost story for Christmas
  • An intense discussion over a dinner date on the meaning of “travel”
  • On an alien world a group of hikers find a strange machine with the images of creatures trapped inside them

Whether you like science fiction, horror or fantasy you will find something for you! | |


The Weight of Reason

d8cad402-c82c-4d53-ac4e-bd19ddbb36f6Trant is a cyborg – a human with cybernetic upgrades. Though shunned by some, his implants have allowed him to earn a living as a Private Detective on the ocean city of “Skara Brae Oceanic”. When he is called to investigate an unusual murder, he never imagined that what should have been a routine examination of a dead body would take such a bizarre twist. Somebody is killing those genetically enhanced humans considered most vital to the city’s survival. But why?

This 13,000 word novelette blends science fiction, detective noir and dystopian ideals. It also has an FAQ section to answer some of the questions you might have about the themes as well as a sample from Herrenvolk and Other Stories | |