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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special - What We Know

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Just less than six months away, the episode or episodes that will mark 50 years of the UK's favourite science fiction show is marked in furious debate, lots of speculation and an unending amount of excitement from fans young and old alike.

Due to an administrative blunder by BBC America, viewers in the USA who pre-ordered their DVDs had them early so were able to see this season's finale…

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In view of the trailers released in the last couple of days I am re-blogging this as a reminder of what we know and what we think we know.

A Biography of our New Doctor

In the last few hours it has been revealed that Peter Capaldi will replace Matt Smith as The Doctor when he of the cool bow ties has his swan song at this year’s Christmas special. One of the bookies favourites since Matt Smith announced his departure in June, this appointment will come as no surprise to a great many people, particularly those who felt it was about time for another older actor to play the iconic role.

For me, there was really only a handful of choices: Peter Capaldi, Idris Elba and Ben Daniels. I would have loved for it to have been Elba, but he is only 40 and will have many more opportunities. Besides, I’d quite like him as the next James Bond and fear he has probably already become too big for the role of The Doctor. Daniels would have been great but too many raised a great big “meh” because he wasn’t already a well-known name (I don’t really need to remind you that a few of the Doctors were relatively unknown when they took the role, particularly Matt Smith. Read more of this post

Episode Review & Analysis – Nightmare in Silver


Ah, Ah, Ah… Spoilers

The TARDIS materialises on the biggest and best theme park that would ever exist. They are in a mock-up of the moon landing site. When I say “they” I mean he has brought Clara and the annoying children she is tasked with looking after. A funny looking man asks if he is the person he has been waiting for. The Doctor looks at him blankly and the man ducks back inside when Tamzin Outhwaite arrives with a group of squaddies proclaiming the planet closed. She asks who he is and he uses the psychic paper to introduce himself as the Pro-Consul. Read more of this post

“We are coming… We are coming… We are HERE!

Re-evaluating Torchwood: Children of Earth in view of my love for Miracle Day

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I was having coffee with a fellow sci fi lover a couple of weeks ago and one of the things we talked about was our love of Torchwood. However, we had different favourite series. I professed deep love for Miracle Day whereas my friend preferred Children of Earth. We both agreed that this new format suited the show. Read more of this post

James Herbert goodness

Ash cover
credit: jamesherbert.com

James Herbert fans, this second half of 2012 is yours. Not only do we have a new book with a familiar character but also a TV adaptation due to hit our screens.

Firstly, the 30th August sees the return of his character David Ash in a book called, ummmm Ash. His two previous appearances were in The Ghosts of Sleath and Haunted. In this new novel, Ash is investigating an old abandoned house in the Scottish highlands in which a man was found crucified. The locals won’t talk about the place and while Ash is there he experiences some strange events. Read more of this post

Character Feature: Gene Hunt

Welcome to the first edition of a new feature for this blog where I focus on my favourite characters and discuss why I feel they are incredible creations.

Warning: There may be spoilers in the following article

Gene: “They reckon you’ve got concussion but I couldn’t give a tart’s furry cup if half your brains are falling out… don’t ever waltz into my kingdom acting king of the jungle.”

Sam: “Who the hell are you?”

Gene: “Gene Hunt – your DCI and it’s 1973. Almost dinner time. I’m having hoops!”

Sam Tyler and Alex Drake may have been the stars of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes respectively but it was their DCI Gene Hunt that stole both shows. In a television world saturated with crime dramas and the modern police methods of forensic science, interview techniques and psychological profiling, he is a throwback to another time. Read more of this post


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